Career paths that allow you to serve humankind

Career paths that allow you to serve humankind

Most working adults spend a large portion of their waking hours during the week focused on their career, or work activities. Some people choose a career based on what may generate the most income over the course of their lives. Others strive to use their career to promote greater good. There are numerous career options you can consider if you want to make a positive difference in the world, and these can help you feel more fulfilled in life.

Career paths that allow you to serve humankind


Education is critical to the future of humankind. Teaching future generations can lead to incredible innovations, as well as advancements. Teachers play a critical role in developing the minds of children as they grow up. Remember, education begins in the preschool years, and often extends through graduate level in college, and beyond. There are many ways to contribute as a teacher.


Nursing is another excellent option to consider. You may work in general medicine, or specialize in pediatrics, oncology, or another specialty area. If you’re already a nurse, you may consider completing an RN to MSN program to advance further in your career. Advancing your career can make an even more significant impact in your field. Nursing allows you to directly interact with patients in a meaningful way at different stages of their lives. You could take this career anywhere in the world, and it’s always beneficial. For example, you could even serve the indigenous populations that have little, to no, access to proper modern healthcare.

Social Work

Consider being a social worker. Social workers assist those in need in communities in different ways. Some help those struggling with poverty, or homelessness. Others assist children in a community who are in need, abused individuals, those who are mentally ill, and more. Obtaining a degree in social work is a great way to launch a social work career.

Charity Administration

There are many charitable organizations that make a major difference in the lives of others. Charities may often be non-profit, but also have paid administrative professionals on the payroll. You may be able to assist with administration through volunteer coordination, financial management, marketing, technology assistance, and more.

Whether you’re thinking about what you want to major in after graduating from high school, or you’re preparing to launch a second career later in life, these are wonderful options to consider. Take time to learn about the needs in your community, and your career interests, as you narrow down your options, and decide which path you want to follow.

Author bio: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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