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You don’t have to have an iPhone to be able to use Shopular. Shopular is popular with Android users! Shopping gurus of the world are probably already using this religiously! It’s time to tell you all about Shopular, an amazing new App for your smartphone that helps you shop smarter with your hard-earned money!

What is Shopular?

Well, as I mentioned above, it’s a new app for your smartphone. Pretty simple, and to the point! TIME picked it as one of the 50 Best iPhone Apps, but if you’ve got an Android phone, it’s just as fabulous.

How do I get Shopular for my phone?

It’s simple. Head to, click on the GET APP button. It’ll ask you for your mobile number so it can send you the free download.

What does the Shopular App do?

Oh my goodness. The Shopular App basically makes sure the user of the app NEVER MISSES ANY DEAL while shopping in stores. If you love to shop at Target, it’ll give you the deals at Target. If you walk into your local Kohl’s, the deals and coupons will be shared on the app.

There’s no longer a need to go online and hunt for any deals, or have all of them sent to you in your email inbox. Instead, you have your app on your phone, and you’ll get alerts on the phone. The alerts tell you about all of the amazing deals, sales, discounts, and coupons from all of the stores you love to shop at.

Once you download the app, customize it to make your shopping experiences TOP NOTCH and so much easier. Saving money is getting easier and easier for EVERYONE, not just the savviest of savviest shopping experts like me!



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