When sick gets real, Children’s Advil® gets The Boy back to school faster

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I’m not sure why this happens, but when my kids’ allergies start up for the season, they get fevers to go along with them. It happens almost every year. I blame it on the fact that here in New York, we go from snow falling one day, to 60 degrees the following day. Flowers open up, never giving the kids any adjusting period. Boom. Just pollen overload. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d be someone who had to stockpile Children’s Advil® in multiple flavors. Heaven forbid both kids liked the same flavor. That’d be too easy!

Little Miss recovers rather fast. However, when the fever hits, Children’s Advil® gets The Boy back to school faster. He doesn’t drink fluids, like his big sister does. He refuses to take his allergy meds, like Little Miss does. What’s that mean? We go through a lot more Children’s Advil® with my little beast, than we do with my Little Miss. It’s all good, though. When sick gets real, Target is close by, and has both their favorite flavors on their shelves!

Sick gets real: what fever looks like at our house

When sick gets real, Children’s Advil® gets The Boy back to school faster

Miserable is one word describing The Boy when he’s not feeling well. He looks miserable, and just makes me cringe when I look at his sad face. If he was doing the things I told him to do, so he’d get better, I’d be more sympathetic to his little sad face. However, when sick gets real, I know what goes on in this house, and he gets no sympathy. Don’t want to drink water? Not going to eat something? Insist on not putting slippers on your feet, instead of walking around the house in bare feet?

Mama Sunflower isn’t going to make any extra effort for you, kid. She will send Mr. Sunflower up to Target to pick up a few products from the Pfizer Pediatric Platform. A little something for the fever, plus a little Children’s Robitussin® DM Day/Night Pack. It helps him sleep at night, instead of him staying up all night coughing his lungs up and across his bedroom. YUCK!

Well-stocked medicine cabinet

Children’s Advil® in our medicine cabinet is a must. We’ve got the dye free kind, along with the Grape and Bubble Gum flavors. When we run low, we stock up on all our Pfizer Pediatric Platform meds at Target. We’re good with our Target shopping. We go in, get what we need, and get the heck out. A $200 Target shopping trip? Nope. Walking out without what I went in for? Forget it.

We’re always prepared even if the kids aren’t often sick. I wasn’t a girl scout. Mr. Sunflower was never a boy scout. However, we still understand about preparedness. When in doubt, head for the Pfizer products at Target, and set yourself up for the season of illnesses. Because in our house #SickJustGotReal and we’re fighting back, with all our might!

When sick gets real, Children’s Advil® gets The Boy back to school faster SickJustGotReal sponsored

*The Pfizer Pediatric Platform products, along with information, have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

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