Solo Trip Travel Essentials List for Newbies

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When you travel alone there are specific items you need that many solo trip travel newbies may not realize they need. As someone who started taking solo trips many years ago, I have to learn the hard way. I’d prefer my fellow thrivers out there don’t have to figure this shit out alone! Let’s dig in to some of my favorite items that are absolutely essential for solo travelers (especially my fellow ladies).

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Essential Items for Solo Trip Travel

Regardless of who you are, what age you are, or where you’re going, there are certain items a solo traveler needs. All of them are essential items and things it took me a few trips to figure out what I absolutely needed for solo trip travel.

Personal Safety Alarm

As a woman, I find when I travel I have a gigantic target on my back. As if it would be easy to harm me, steal from me, or assault me in some way. Having a personal safety alarm on the ready is the most essential item I could have every time I travel whether I’m traveling solo or with my kids. Just get one. Hopefully it will be something you never have to use, but one you’ll never regret purchasing and having with you ALL THE TIME.

Want something wearable that’s a lot prettier? Check out an options I love: Flare bracelet. I have a fashionista daughter and a son who likes masculine bling, and there’s both options with Flare.

Portable Door Lock & Door Alarm

In the digital world, key cards to get into hotel rooms are super convenient and easy to place in your wallet or pocket when traveling. However, they aren’t the safest. Anything digital is hackable, and honestly, those things have malfunctioned on me at some of the best hotels I have stayed at.

When I’m in my room, I like feeling safe and having a Portable Door Lock and a Door Alarm gives me a little more peace of mind.

Mobile Hotspot Router

Free WiFi is rubbish. It leaves you open to being digitally violated, plus it’s slow and unreliable. Travel with a Mobile Hotspot Router to keep your digital goods safe. It also means you don’t have to worry about slow service, especially if you also need to get work done whilst traveling. Another one that’s a little more budget-friendly and doesn’t require a SIM card is this mobile wifi hotspot.

Travel Money Belt

Don’t roll your eyes thinking the Travel Money Belt is a fanny pack that some inexperienced traveler uses. It’s neither bulky, or ugly. It fits snug to your body, but allows a traveler to keep all important documents, including a passport and boarding pass, close and on your person instead of in your travel bags. Want a money belt that’s even more snug, you’ll love a slim waist pack – they come in a variety of colors!

TSA Cable Lock

When you travel alone, you have one set of hands to hold stuff and only one set of eyes to watch your stuff. If you have a rolling carry-on, plus your personal bag, you’ll want a TSA Cable Lock. It deters a thief from grabbing your personal bag, and move to someone else. Sucks for the person who doesn’t have the cable, but your shit will remain in your possession!

Extra Set of Hands

Love to change up your jewelry, including your wrist bling? Have dresses with zippers up the back that you want to bring on your trip, but figured why bother packing since no one will help zip them up? And, honestly, a pulled muscle isn’t worth trying to zip those dresses up yourself. No problem. Just get yourselves these helpers!

Travel Cable Organizer

Stop throwing all of your cords into your personal bag, or carry-on and creating a spaghetti situation. Invest in a cable organizer. You’ll save yourself from headaches, as well as being distracted for long periods of time at airports. Distracted travelers are ones that end up encountering issues. Keep you and your stuff organized.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Why pay for bottled water when you can pack a small collapsible water bottle that can go through TSA empty, and be filled once through security checks? Plus, during your trip you can pack this in your daytime backpack or whatever daytime bag you want. It folds down super small! And if you go to an amusement park, most concession stands will provide a cup of water at no charge. Save money, get your cup of water, and fill up your collapsible water bottle. Spend money on something else!

Reusable Bag

It’s inevitable that you’ll forget to pack something, or whatever you packed spilled, or whatever – basically, you’ll probably have to visit the local stores to pick up a few small things. You’ll want to just bring a small reusable bag to carry the items back to your hotel room, instead of the huge backpack, or even the smaller daytime bag. Those scream TOURIST.

But a small reusable bag screams I BELONG HERE so don’t try any shit with me.

What Else Do You Need?

Clearly this doesn’t cover everything, but the above are things that solo travelers definitely need for a pleasurable travel experience. I have a checklist you’d probably love. If you want the free solo travel checklist you can sign up for my TRAVEL ONLY INFORMATION email list where you’ll only get travel-related content sent right to your inbox. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain access to the downloadable checklist.

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