Spice things up for Date Night

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Spice things up for date night #yoursandmine #cbias #sponsored

Breaking news: I’m not super great about scheduling date nights with the husband. I do believe our last “date night” was on our anniversary back in July. Before that? We went out on a date in July of 2013, also for our anniversary. Unless you count back-to-school night, and parent-teacher conferences, as dates…which I don’t think qualify. At least I don’t think K-Y® would count back-to-school nights, and parent-teacher conferences as an official start to a K-Y® YOURS+MINE K-Y® DATE NIGHT.

Shame on us, that’s right US, for allowing this to happen. It’s not all up to me to make passion happen around here! It’s a joint effort, right my friends out there? It takes two to Tango, or not Tango! Now Mr. Sunflower and I, well we’ve made a decision to incorporate more time together, because we’re the center of this family unit. The center needs to be a solid, and fun, foundation! Having romantic couples nights, minus the kids, is our united New Years Resolution. Scheduled date nights, with the kids dropped off at sitter’s house, have been put on the calendar.  I know, so “spur of the moment” romantic, right? Reality is our kids have a lot of activities, and we’ve still got a basement to put back together! Time has to be scheduled, or we go another year with anniversary night as our one date night!

You all understand, I’m sure!

Spice things up for Date Night

Perhaps, just perhaps a K-Y® DATE NIGHT pack at Walmart.com might be a great way to help this New Years Resolution come to fruition.

Personally, it’s just easier for me to head up to Walmart to score the Date Night pack! K-Y® DATE NIGHT, which is coming to Walmart stores in January 2015, is going to be a $50 value that includes 1 free meal for two people from PEACHDISH.com. It gets delivered to your door, but it does require a couple to cook together. It also includes a $5 VUDU movie credit for couples to stream a movie right to their own home, and it of course, comes with K-Y® YOURS+MINE Couples Lubricants. If cooking a meal together, and watching a movie alone at home is what lights your fire, K-Y® YOURS+MINE will come in very handy.

Spice things up for date night #yoursandmine #collectivebias #sponsored

Here at our house, I’d prefer the husband cooks while I watch. It just works better for us: a lot less smoke sets off the smoke alarms, and me not burning myself on anything! Who wants to spend a romantic night without the kids heading to the ER for third degree burns? It would kind of be a buzz kill for any intimate moments if I have to worry about my burn bandages getting in the way. Yes, that’s the kind of cook I am! Perhaps I should add “take cooking classes” to the New Years Resolutions? NAH, I’d rather just have my husband take care of business in the kitchen! I’m better at eating his master chef creations of burgers on the BBQ, or meatballs in sauce, or even just chicken cutlets! It all tastes better when he makes them for me! It tastes DIVINE when we don’t have to fork over cash for groceries, too. K-Y® offering to pay for dinner, plus a movie – that’s just sending both of us into overdrive!

Spice things up for date night #yoursandmine #collectivebias #sponsored

Spice things up for date night #yoursandmine #cbias #sponsored

Of course, our main issue when having movie night, is agreeing on a film to watch. It’s why going to the movies always seems like a waste of money. If we see what I want to see, he ends up falling asleep. When we go to see what he wants to see…. hahaaa, that’s just funny. Like that ever happens!

What does happen? We go to a film neither one of us is really interested in seeing, but that won’t be too overly “chick-flick,” and not too “alternate universe strange science crap.” We both end up hating the movie, and then complain we just wasted money. It makes for a great lead-in to a super intimate relationship moment…NOT. After a crappy movie, wasting money, all we want to do is rush to pick up the kids and go home. No passion happening on date night.

Instead, for this new year, we’ll try to stream a movie, because hey, K-Y® wants to pick up the tab! If we can’t agree on one, we can just pick a movie we already own. Hubby scored a box of movies from his White Elephant gift swap at work, so we’ve got plenty to choose from that won’t cost us anything. Nothing revs up that passion like the knowledge you saved money! Intimate moments will follow a night of a free movie, and the hubby cooking dinner for me in the kitchen! Mr. Sunflower seems to be all-in, and after a full year of having actual date nights at least once per month, it’ll only make this family unit stronger than ever!

Spice things up for date night #yoursandmine #cbias #sponsored

Will you try something new for your New Year?

I’ve told you our very intimate New Years Resolution for 2015, what’s yours? Will you try something new for your New Year? Let me know in the comments below what you’ve come up with for your 2015 New Years Resolutions – whether they include personal lubricants, or not! Perhaps you’ll be taking a cooking class, or finally learn how to knit that scarf you’ve always wanted to learn how to knit!

Spice up things for date night #yoursandmine #cbias #sponsored

However, if you’ve decided to work on your relationship, and spice things up on date nights, and all that comes with date nights, you can learn a lot from the internet! For more great ways to help improve your relationship beyond the back-to-school nights, and those awesome parent-teacher conference nights, visit K-Y.com.

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