Stay fresher longer with Summer’s Eve®

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Attending events in New York City during the hot, humid summer, can make a girl feel….let’s just say, unfresh. I know it’s probably not a word, but go with it. I start fresh in the morning, on my way to the event. However, it ends quickly. I find that I can stay fresher longer with Summer’s Eve® cleansing cloths in my bag. They’re right next to my iPad, and business cards, in case you wanted to know!

Stay fresher longer with Summer's Eve®

Stay fresher longer with Summer’s Eve®

Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash

It’s all well, and good, to cleanse with Summer’s Eve® cleansing washes. I’m a big fan of not just the Aloe wash, but also the sensitive wash, too. They smell great, and can be used on my entire body. You all know what that means, without me having to actually type out what “entire” body means, right? Every little itty bitty part of me needs to be washed, and Summer’s Eve® helps maintain a healthy pH in certain areas of my body. Get it? Good.

It comes in more than Simply Sensitive scent. There’s also Delicate Blossom®, Morning Paradise®, and Island Splash®. If you want to try it, but don’t want to commit from day one, you can start with the 9 oz. bottles, and move up to the 15 oz. bottles once you’ve landed on your favorite cleansing wash. See, I’m always thinking. Wheels are always turning up in my melon.

However, I need a bit more assistance while I’m out, and about, in New York City in the heat, and humidity. Great item to tuck into the old travel bag? Cleansing cloths.

Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths

More often than not, when I head into New York City in the summer, I’m there ALL DAY LONG. I start out fresh out of the shower, after using my Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash. However, it doesn’t take long before I start to feel a bit less than fresh. I prefer to stay fresher longer, and pack my cleansing cloths into my bag. It’s great because they’re individually wrapped, and smell nice. I mean, isn’t smelling fresh part of feeling fresh? No? Am I the only one?

After my train ride into NYC, I hop over to a bathroom, and freshen up a bit. Gives me that little extra confidence boost, knowing I’m taken care of in a certain area. Plus, it cools me off a bit, if you must know. Might be more information than you wanted to know, but hey, I’m all about full disclosure, baby!

Summer’s Eve® Night-time Cleansing Cloths

I’m not going to share how I sleep. As far as you all know, I cover up in flannel pajamas all year round. No skin showing at all. I do like to shower before bed, so I can wash all the nasty from the day off of me before I slide between my clean sheets. On occasion, I can’t take a shower, because I’m late getting home. Or, I’m so dang tired, I can’t see straight. A shower just isn’t possible. When those scenarios happens, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing Summer’s Eve® Night-time Cleansing Cloths to freshen up. It’s a perfect little soft pack I have in the bathroom, and in my nightstand. WHATEVER. Don’t judge. You know you like to feel clean, fresh and smelling pretty. I’m not alone in these desires!

I believe this so much, that I know there’s going to be tons of ladies who want to try out Summer’s Eve® products, and that’s why I agreed to host a giveaway for my readers. Check it out right down below….. (did you catch that innuendo? Totally meant for you to blush on that one).

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