Stop lice in their tracks with Vamousse lice products

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Lice. Sadly, I had it when I was younger. I remember who started it, and how all five of us who sat around him, ended up with it. Those little pests love clean hair, and my mother was supremely anal about me having clean hair. Short, clean hair. It was my undoing, and it also helped me get out of washing my hair every dang night, once the horrific episode was over. Now? Now we have super lice, and those little pests don’t respond to the chemical shit storm my mother unleashed on my head all those years ago. You’ve got to think outside the box. Think Vamousse.


Stop lice in its tracks with Vamousse lice products [sponsored]

Stop lice in their tracks with Vamousse lice products

Unlike my mother, I allow my daughter to have long hair. It’s always been at least shoulder length, but mostly it’s all the way down her back. As long as she takes care of it, my policy is: grow it, cut it, shave it, it’s up to you, Little Miss. It’s up to you.  However, you come home with lice, or this new super lice, and Mama Sunflower’s going to shave it off. Get Little Miss a wig, and call it a day.

To avoid this drastic reaction, we’re big fans of Vamousse lice products. Rather, I guess, lice defense products. I prefer to never use the lice treatment products EVER. Just in case, I’m well-stocked with lice defense. I’m more about the Vamousse lice defense daily shampoo. As soon as the note arrived home: lice is in your grade, both kids got the Vamousse lice defense daily shampoo. I use it. No messing around in this house. I stand there, time the kids to make sure it stays in their head for 3 minutes, sometimes, longer. The Boy goes his entire shower with it sitting in his hair, and so does Little Miss. Once her shower’s over, she rinses her hair and conditions it. It’s worth the extra time she spends in the shower, believe me.

Vamousse lice treatments

If your kid comes home with lice, it’s not the total end of the world. It’s just a hassle. A huge hassle. It’s a lot of hot water laundry fun for sheets, pillows, clothing, and stuffed animals if you can do it. You can’t wash something? Bag it up for weeks, so those pests die. What’s important is to get all of it done A.S.A.P. What’s great is Vamousse has a Lice Elimination Powder you can use on your furniture, carpets, and even all over the stuff you throw into those plastic bags!

Don’t think you’re going to be fine without taking all precautions. Trust me. Get the Vamousse products, use them, and have a little easier time with the super lice. The powder can only help, so use it. If the lice defense daily shampoo didn’t make it into your shopping cart, it’s cool. Vamousse has a shampoo treatment to kill lice, too. It goes on like mousse, and is proven to effectively defend against pesticide-resistant super lice. Why? Because it is pesticide free, safe and non-toxic.

PS-It comes with a professional steel comb, too. BAM!

Be prepared, it’s as simple as that

No one ever thinks their kid will come home with lice. We all think we’re safe from it, because our kids are “clean.” Guess what? Lice loves clean hair, and to be honest, it’ll infest a dirty-haired kid, too. Super lice doesn’t play by the old rules, and no matter how much hair spray, and hair gel, parents use in the hair of their little ones, lice happens.

Get over the stigma. Just load up on the shampoo to fend it off, and pick up the lice shampoo that treats a head full of lice. Be prepared, it’s as simple as that!

Since I’m always looking out for you guys, I know you’ll be happy to learn you can save a little bit on your purchases. A coupon always helps, right? Right now, there’s a coupon available and is good until December of 2016. I’d print the Vamousse coupon out, and stock up BEFORE the outbreak. You know, be prepared.

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