Storm solutions: how to protect your home from nature

When you live in a stormy region with hurricanes, blizzards or tornadoes, you must protect your home with a variety of devices. With durable specialized materials, you can prevent extensive damage from high winds or torrential rains. Often, installing these well-designed devices reduces your insurance policy.

Protect your home

Protect your home from mother nature’s worst kinds of weather

Here is what you can install at your home so you won’t lose your valuable property.

Use flood protection devices

If you live in a region that has frequent floods, stay prepared with the correct equipment to protect your home. Store a supply of sandbags in your garage, or basement, to bring outside to absorb water. Another option: using portable inflatable flood barrier tubes around your home. Always check weather reports in order to prepare your home for an incoming flood.

Add hurricane windows to your home

If your home has flimsy single-pane windows with degraded wooden frames, then the high winds from a hurricane can break through the glass. Not only can this damage your home, but also, the flying glass can severely injure someone. Contact a specialized window company to add hurricane-strength windows to your home. At the same time, if your budget allows, have new doors installed that resist strong winds from horrible storms.

Install higher quality siding

When your home has old, worn out siding, it’s time to replace it with high quality materials. At Select Exteriors in Blaine, Minn., technicians help you select durable siding materials for your home to replace any damaged siding from previous storms in your region. Replacing your home’s siding can protect the underlying materials from the damages of moisture, as well as high winds.

Snow fences on the roof

If you live in an area where there is deep snow, or ice, throughout the winter, then you’ll need snow fences on the roof. Snow fences keep snow from sliding onto your vehicle, or heaven forbid, your guests. You can contact a professional roofing company to install snow fences or guards on your home’s roof. Both help protect siding, as well as the foundation, from falling ice or snow.

Contact your insurance agent after making improvements

With the increased number of dangerous hurricanes happening nowadays, it’s important to have ways to avoid expensive problems. After you make improvements to your home for storm protection, make sure to call your insurance agent. They offer discounts on home policies based on home improvements. This largely depends on where in the country you live, the local climate, and other factors.

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