Have a stressed out teen? 4 steps for parents to help a stressed teen

Think having a stressed teen won’t happen in your home? There’s this idea among adults: teens are young and carefree. While they might be young, there’s no guarantee teens are carefree. In fact, many of them deal with intense stress on a regular basis.

Stressed teen parenting help

Stressed teen at home?

Teens feel pressure from friends, as well as academics. It’s important to realize teens might need serious help. Here are four steps for parents to help their youth.

Recognize signs of stress

Not every teen is going to deal with stress the same way. Some will immediately seem frantic and unwell, while others will be more composed. If you’ve been a parent for long enough, you can typically recognize the signs of stress within your teen. If they are studying for exams to the point of hurting their eyes, they might need help. They might also just seem generally distracted and be hesitant to share how they’re feeling with you. As a result, they might overcompensate. Stay alert regarding your teen’s behavior and general demeanor. It’s likely they feel stressed if it seems as if they’re keeping something from you. Don’t put any pressure on them to perform to a certain standard. Instead, give them proper motivation and encouragement.

Talk with them

Talk with them as soon as you’re certain your teen is stressed out. However, don’t be confrontational. You want to approach them in as kind and understanding of a manner as possible. A good idea: don’t ask if they’re stressed. Instead, start with a friendly conversation, then transition to their stress when they start to open up. Don’t put any pressure on your teen. They don’t need to deal with additional stress during this time. You want to be there for them.

Treat them

When a teen is going through stress, they might forget what it’s like to feel relaxed. However, you can do your part as a parent to help them feel better. Take them to a a spa so they can unwind. Spending some time soaking in hot tubs in Reno , or wherever you may be, could be a great way to alleviate stress, and anxiety. You might also look into beneficial activities such as exercise and meditation for the two of you to take part in. Stress isn’t reduced with one “experience” or “conversation.” Teens need to understand their stress is something they have to hold onto.

Seek professional help

Sometimes you can do all you can to help your teen, but it’s not enough. You don’t need to bring stress in your life as well. Instead, call a therapist who specializes in helping teens deal with stress. Professionals are able to assess causes of your teen’s stress. It will be important for your teen to be as open as possible with their therapist. This might be difficult for them. Therefore, you should look for therapists who are patient, as well as understanding of what your teen is going through. If your teen isn’t able to adjust to a doctor, look for one more suited to him, or her.

Stress is painful, especially at a young age. By following these tips, you can help your teen properly cope with their stress.

Author bio: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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