Summer Fashion accessories for the ladies

Disclosure: NovemberSunflower.com is a small business. In order to survive, there's a need to make money. I love a lot of things, I share those things, and if I can make a little commission here, and there, I'm 100 percent going for it. Why should the brands I love be the only ones making money, right? Please, use my affiliate links within this post when placing your orders with the brand, or joining up with the brand. Your support is beyond appreciated!Ladies. It’s finally time to get all your summer essentials. Here in New York, the weather has FINALLY risen above 30 degrees for not just one day at a time, but for MULTIPLE days in a row. It’s pretty exciting stuff, and it makes me think about sunglasses; beautiful sun hats; bright, bold jewelry; and just feeling pretty! Anyone else ready to wear shorts, with great sandals, and no more WINTER COATS? I know I am. My favorite part is, of course, the sunglasses. But I know, a lot of ladies love all accessories, so I’m going to do my best to share amazing summer accessories for the ladies!

Summer Fashion accessories for the ladies

My summers are all about flip flops, sandals, sunglasses and as little clothing as possible! To be totally honest, if I can go without shoes, I do. Flip flops and sandals are used for public spaces, or driving. When I’m home, I’m all about bare feet and a really great pair of sunglasses. Oh, and shorts, of course. The kids are home, I can’t go around with nothing on. It would be wrong…. or so I’ve been told. After two kids, I’m pretty sure no one wants to see any of that during daylight hours!

Now, let’s get to some great summer fashion accessories for the ladies out there!


Everyone needs a new pair for summer. I don’t care how many pairs you’ve got in your collection. Summer demands a new pair to add to the collection. It’s just how summer becomes official! A new signature pair for the new summer season. It’s the one place I splurge a little bit. I’ve got one pair I use that I take super great care of, and then a pair that I can wear and toss in my bag. If they get scratched, eh. I don’t mind, they cost me $10. I call them my “travel shades.”

My quality shades…well those cost a bit more each summer. Currently I’m obsessed with the Daydream Collection from Warby Parker. Have you explored Warby Parker? No? Well allow me to tell you the Warby Parker collections are gorgeous. I got turned onto this company after finding out about their Buy One Give One.

It’s a fantastic program which gives a pair of glasses, when someone buys a pair of glasses. Love when companies give back, but in a super unique way, and Warby Parker does it in one of the most beautiful ways. They don’t just DONATE the glasses, they give them to a partner company. The partner company trains people in developing countries to give eye exams, and sell glasses and affordable prices. It’s not just “giving” but rather “teaching skills.” How awesome is that I ask you?!!

I know what you’re thinking, buying any kind of glasses online is strange. You want to see what they look like on your face. I get it. Warby Parker understands, and they give people a chance to choose FIVE pairs of glasses to try on for up to a week, at no cost. Yup, send them right to you, you test them out, you send them back. PERFECTION.

I don’t need prescription sunglasses, and that’s okay. Warby Parker has non-prescription, along with the single vision and progressive lenses!


If you’re not a jewelry fan, I’m not sure I can talk to you. If I could own all the jewelry ever created in the world, I would. It’s my “drug of choice.” A close second is office supplies. Yeah, I know. I’m strange, I think we all know how strange I am by this point! Go with it. However, for now, the jewelry part isn’t strange. I know I’ve got some jewelry fans out there!

  • It’s been established many times, I’m a picture lover. Of course, I found a place to get photos placed on jewelry! What’s better than scoring a new piece of jewelry with a great photo of your kids on it, or your pet, or your favorite landscape. Whatever photo you love, and want for a great summer accent piece, go for it! There’s something beautiful about Photo Engraved Jewelry!
  • What, you’re not into photo jewelry? I’m crushed, but I’m prepared! Along with necklaces, I’m a big fan of bracelets. Colorful, and noisy. I love when I move my arm around, and I hear the bracelets clang against one another. I’m not a huge lover of yellow gold types of jewelry, but I’m totally in love with the Claire Colorful Bangle set in Teal & Goal over on Cents of Style. It just SCREAMS summer to me.
  • Of course, since I’m a lover of blue and silver/white gold, I had to find something unique for myself to wear for summer. The new arrivals on Stella & Dot were the answer! I found the beautiful Voyager Cuff – Arrow for $29! I’m smitten. SMITTEN. Let’s get summer started, and feeling like I’m on the water for all of it!


It’s strange to think about scarves for summer. I know, I get it. However, for the summer, a great lightweight scarf can make an outfit. Plus, it’s got an added benefit if you end up out late, and the summer night gets a little chill in the air. My collection of scarves has grown the last couple of years, and I’m a bit of an addict at this point. My daughter, too. Do they have a twelve step program out there for this kind of addiction? Probably not!

  • My absolute favorite scarves are the Infinity scarves. It’s so much easier for me to just throw it on, and not worry about it sliding off. It’s not going anywhere once it’s around my neck, sort of like a necklace! Bright colors for the summer make me smile, even if the sun isn’t out. It’s the little things in life, you know? Cents of Style has this gorgeous set of scarves, which include infinity scarves, as well as wrap scarves. I’m enjoying looking for my “signature scarf” for this summer!
  • If you’re just interested in wrap scarves, there’s a beautiful selection on Stella & Dot. Now the Stella & Dot scarves are so big, they can be used as a little wrap around your bathing suit for the beach! After the beach, when you’re heading into some air conditioning, you can use the same wrap to keep you warm in the A.C.! It’s nice to have some versatility in a scarf, am I right??!!!

So, what’s your favorite summer fashion accessory? Share in the comments below! However, before you head to the comments, start shopping at the featured sites I wrote about today! My small business would love the support! When you shop through my affiliate links, it means I make a small commission. It costs you nothing extra!


IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 4/3/15- Bangles Bracelets $5.95 & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code BANGLELOVE

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