Summer Packing List with Wallis Fashion

Disclaimer: I was asked to put together a packing list based on items from Wallis online, in hopes of winning a trip to the Miraval Resort in Arizona. Tuscon to be exact. It’ll be a 2 night/3 day all expense paid getaway for ME! I could also win a wardrobe from WallisFashion.comWhich is pretty cool, because I love the clothes on the site, and I’m totally into a spa vacation if I can snag one!

Wallis Fashion Packing List

Summer. When you think about Summer, most people think about a vacation. Last year we had our first family vacation. It had been a long time coming.  I didn’t have to worry so much about how much we packed, because we weren’t flying. I could pack BIG bags, stuffed full of options.

However, when I have to fly……packing is such a hassle. I hate it. I’ve always got to pack for not just me, but for my kids, too. I leave my husband on his own……I mean, I can only handle so much, you know?!!!

I won’t check bags. I always do carry on luggage for all the clothing, and shoes, etc. Once the bags have been checked out by the security machines, and people, I have locks I place on the bags for storing in the overhead compartments. Luckily, each of us also gets a “personal” bag. All the electronics go in those bags, and whatever spill-over happens to need to go with us, but didn’t fit into the carry-on luggage.

Packing for the kids…….TORTURE. You have to make sure they have enough stuff for at least two changes per day, and things to sleep in. Plus extras like socks, pull-ups if needed, and different kinds of shoes. Kids need water shoes, sandals, sneakers, and flip-flops. Just a pain in the butt. As for me? I keep it super simple. I pack dresses that I can roll up and not worry about wrinkling, one pair of sandals that go with EVERY outfit combination in my bag, plus a couple of pant options, and shirt options. A few accessories that go with all of the outfit options, and the standard bathing suit, undergarments, and the all important deodorant!

Doesn’t matter if I’m heading to the tropics, or to a desert vacation to a place like Miraval Resort in Tucson. Packing light is an absolute must! Check out what I found at Wallis, a London high-street brand that’s entered into the U.S. market online!

Wallis Fashion Summer Packing List

Do you like what you see? I’d recommend checking out the Wallis Facebook page, and while you’re over on Facebook, check out the very cool page for Miraval Resorts.

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