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It’s a known fact I’m a Swagbucks lover, and earner. Multiple news organizations have done stories on my Swagbucks.com love, and point earning for shopping for free online. It’s just part of the culture here at November Sunflower. When Swagbucks decides to really show their love for all of us out here earning points, they show it with programs life Swagbucks referrals for life. No joke, this is pure awesome. It was suppose to end on March 1st, but they decided to keep it going until the 31st! How sweet it is to have swagbucks referrals for life.

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What’s swagbucks referrals for life mean

Swagbucks.com does an amazing service to those of us who share our love for the website. We get to earn points when those we referred to the site, earn points. Lots of sites do this, for sure. However, Swagbucks has decided just earning 1000 swag bucks from each referral just wasn’t good enough! Now through March 31st, each new person who signs up as your referral allows you to earn 10% of the Swag Bucks that they earn! However, it’s not just in Search wins like before, but also in almost every earning opportunity on Swagbucks.com! EVEN BETTER, all of us who refer new people to Swagbucks.com, well we’ll all continue earning 10% of the new referrals earnings FOR LIFE! The referrals just have to be signed up before March 31st!

What are the qualified earnings?

Qualified earnings? What’s that mean? Well, anything found along the top menu bar: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover. Anytime swagbucks referrals hit up those point earning areas, those who referred get 10% of the earnings FOREVER!!!! Oh, this is pretty cool, too: every SB earning from a mobile app or from the mobile site contributes too.

Are you on swagbucks.com yet?

If you’re a loyal follower, I’m sure you’re already a part of the swagbucks.com community. If you’re a loyal follower, and still aren’t a part of the swagbucks.com community, YOU ARE CRAZYYYYYYY!!!! However, now’s your chance to sign up through my referral link and become one of my swagbucks referrals for life, and then go and share your referral link and start earning swagbucks for life from your referrals! When you sign up, use this code: NovSunStudent and you might just get a little extra in your start up swag bucks.
It’s totally free to join up, even though there are paid options, I’ve never used them. I earn plenty without having to pay Swagbucks.com any money to earn extra bucks. Most of my points are earned using my phone, while I’m waiting for the kids at their various activities. I’ve been known to earn while standing online at stores, waiting to pay for my goodies with gift cards I’ve earned through Swagbucks.com. If I head to a restaurant and there’s a wait time, guess who whips out her phone and starts earning points watching movie clips with the kids? Yup, that’d be me. Downtime in our house becomes point earning time! Just makes paying the bills, and shopping that much sweeter!
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