Teaching my daughter how to be her own boss

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Fashion Angels helps teach my daughter to be her own boss

After being a working woman in the corporate world, I honestly hope my daughter never has to work for anyone, but herself. I’m going to do my best to teach my daughter how to be her own boss. It all starts at an early age! It all starts NOW. What she chooses to do after learning to be her own boss, well that’s up to her. All I can do is educate her, and hope she’ll trust that being her own boss is going to make life that much sweeter.

Teaching my daughter how to be her own boss

Work before kids

Having a job was something taught to me at a young age. EVERYONE had to do. Want to buy a home? Earn money. Need a car to drive your ass to a job, to pay for your home? Get a job. Traveling is a luxury, it costs a pretty penny. Find a job working for someone else. Earn a paycheck, so you can beg your employer for a week off, to travel on a vacation.

Scratching your head? Yeah, you’re not alone. Work is just that, work. I earned a paycheck, so I could pay for things I was told I must have. A home. A car. Lots of clothes, shoes, and vacations. It’s just how the world works. The jobs that we all ended up getting were at big corporations. People had to report to 5 different bosses, and work 40+ hours per week to prove our loyalty, and earn that paycheck. Women? We had to work harder, and get paid less, and be passed over for promotions.

Listen, I did well working for other people. My mother instilled a work ethic in me that bosses loved. I worked myself to death for them, because I never wanted to give anything less but my all with everything I did. Awesome for the company, not so awesome for me. One week of vacation time I was entitled to, I always had to beg to get. When I returned, it seemed as if no one else worked for the company while I was out. I guess it was their way of making sure I felt it wasn’t worth taking a week off, so just don’t do it.

Work after kids

Then I became a mom. My entire world shifted. Being a mother: my top priority. Unfortunately, having to work for someone else caused a lot of issues in this area. When my daughter had to be brought to the emergency room, Mr. Sunflower had to handle most of it on his own. HIS boss appreciated him, and my boss couldn’t care less that I was a mom. When she was sick, again, Mr. Sunflower had to take off, instead of me, her mother. It enraged me. I resented it. I would give my all every day, and was treated like I was an inconvenience to the company. There were so many times I was told “you can be replaced at any time, for any reason, so remember that when you choose what you want to do right now.”

you can be replaced at any time, for any reason, so remember that when you choose what you want to do right now.

I want more for my daughter

I want my daughter to have a better “work/life” balance. Is life easier now that I don’t work for anyone but ME? No, but life has a balance that leans towards BEING A MOM. It’s what I prefer. It’s what the kids prefer. It works. It’s why when I saw Fashion Angels new It’s My Biz line of products, I jumped on them. It all started at Blogger Bash 2014 in New York City. I met the people behind the concept, and I spent much of my time asking questions. I loved how this company recognized how important it was for young girls to learn how to open, and run, a business.

GENIUS. I wish I had created it! Heaven knows I’ve been telling Little Miss “figure out what you love, figure out how to earn a living doing it, and never work for anyone else,” for years. Since her first year of life she has been listening to this mantra “be your own boss.” Even if she decides to never have a kid, it’s still amazing to know how to be a She-E-O (C.E.O.) There’s never a time those skills won’t be useful, even if she does decide to work for someone else. Knowing what it really means to run a business will make her that much better of an employee. Perhaps she’ll rise to the head of the world, and work for our country? Who knows, I leave it to her to decide.

My role as her mother? Doing whatever I can do teach her how to be her own boss.

Fashion Angels It’s My Biz

Fashion Angels makes it so easy to start a business. Pick something you love from their line of products: t-shirt design, jewelry/bracelet making, cupcakes, or doing nails. Each kit supplies little girls with the supplies, and guides, to starting a business. Ideas on how to design a logo, business cards to put the logo onto, order forms, figuring out what to charge for products based on material costs, and man hours. It’s just a fantastic “starter” for any little girl! If none of the kits spark an entrepreneurial flame, get the It’s My Biz Ultimate Business Guide, and little girls can just pick something else they want to start a business doing. Perhaps a personal stylist – Little Miss is always ahead of trends. She loved orange before it became “the new black.”

Whatever a girl wants to focus her creative juices on, she can start a business using the amazing tools Fashion Angels provides in all the It’s My Biz kits.

Visit the link below, and order it for your favorite little girl.

I received no monetary compensation for this post. Product was given to my daughter in order for this post to be written, and for me to help teach my daughter how to be her own boss! Affiliate links are included within this post.
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