Teensy Tiny Homes – Living Large on a Budget

Miniature homes are becoming very popular all over the world. Minimizing unnecessary square footage, and focusing housing on the bare essentials, is a growing trend, and the goal of many. Tiny homes are a great way to start living large, on a budget.

Miniature homes have everything you need in life: bathroom, kitchen, living area, sleeping quarters and often,  spacious porches, or terraces. However, much less square footage than “typical” family houses. It just means it’s far simpler for cleaning, and maintaining. Plus, owners have less expenses, and utilities, but also, give owners the chance to give an innovative decorating concept a chance. Small homes without many items make life simpler, and bring feelings of true satisfaction, because owners stop focusing on material things, and believe all they need in life, is to have a roof over their heads, and a little piece of the universe to call their own. Although small, these homes are functional, and have thrilling architecture, design and decoration.

Teensy Tiny Homes - Living Large on a budget home design

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Teensy Tiny Homes (live large on a budget)

The Space Efficient Furniture

In small homes one needs to understand about how to effectively, and creatively use space. It’s a chance to explore new, and efficient furnishing, and interior designing ideas. To do that an owner will need round pieces of furniture, and hidden corners to store things. When thinking how to secure such space in a small home, one can come up with different remodeling ideas from time to time. However, always have in mind a need to have elements that fold, so pieces can unfold them when needed, and then folded when not needed. Plus, it helps if pieces provide some additional space. This is your basic solution for life in a small home.

Storage Made Efficient

Excellent solutions for high effectiveness of space is to include creative ways to store, and organize, in a way that will not make your home look like Berlin, post-World War II. When you have just a few pieces of furniture that have several purposes, your problems will be smaller, and the home will appear larger. Trust me, it’s like magic.

As space in cities around the world is becoming smaller with every passing day, urban tenants try to maximize their minimal living space. It often requires various adaptations, tricks, decorating ideas, and genius invention, in order to avoid feeling you live in an over-stuffed closet, instead of home.

The Minimalist

Sometimes you have to make a room within a room, filling space with built-in storage, or getting furniture that transforms. If the furniture is moveable after using it, even better. This is the intuitive solution of Polish designer, Szymon Hanczar. Hanczar believes in a minimalistic approach, with careful choice of furniture, and even proposes a sleeping area above the kitchen. This kitchen is at the same time, a kitchen, bathroom and laundry closet, housing a washing machine! For many, a washing machine is a luxury in miniature homes.

The Design

A parting wall separates the living area from the bedroom. It helps keep intimacy in the bedroom, freeing up the other part for living space. Design in these spaces: bright, airy and open. Key features of miniature homes:

  • functionality
  • attractive design

A minimalistic design with carefully chosen details outline refined spaces. One of the practical solutions for a living space in a miniature home: a flexible dining room with two chairs. Although minimal per se, many of these homes have terraces allow for comfort, and open spaces to enjoy.

To live in comfort in a miniature home you have to give up on some (most!) of your things, but this design is very affordable.

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