The Boy’s Pull-up on our Area Rugs leaves them smelling urine-fresh

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My children have tiny bladders, and sleep like logs. Once they are asleep, there is no waking them up. I could turn every light on in the house, crank the radio up to the highest volume, and they wouldn’t budge. It’s a problem when you potty train them……do you see where this is going?

My daughter grew out of wetting the pull up, because her bladder matured to her age level. Great. Less pull ups to buy for the night time routine. However, the boy has not. At the age of four, he’s still got them. We’re okay with it. What can you do? I’d rather he sleep well, and we’ll get him up to snuff at some point. However, the boy’s pull up on our area rugs leaves them smelling urine-fresh. It’s a battle I have with him each and every day. He takes it off to get dressed each morning, and leaves it on his area rug in his room, or the area rug in the bathroom.

Yes, it is gross. The problem? I can throw the rug from the bathroom in the washing machine. I cannot throw the area rug from his room in the washing machine, it’s too big and not made for that. NOW WHAT? I’ve tried everything you can imagine to get them clean, but I guess I’m just not capable of cleaning it the right way. I’m not a professional, I’m winging it with stuff I’m finding on the internet.

Everything I find, well it isn’t working. I’m beyond frustrated, and now it’s out of my hands. It’s time to find area rug cleaning nyc postings. I’m done doing it on my own, because at this point, it isn’t saving me money, time, or stress. I need to find a high quality cleaning company for a good price, and it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! Watch out urine smelling rugs, you’re history!

What would be even better? If The Boy stopped leaving that damn thing on our area rugs. For real, it’s just disgusting on so many levels. No one else smells it, which annoys me even more. Why is it only me? So not cool.

Who else has this problem? Anyone? It can’t just be me………can it?

Sometimes you just have to realize, even when you want to save that budget and do things yourself, it’s not the most strategic approach. Time wasted, money wasted, and stress that didn’t need to be there. The best bet? Finding a pro to do it, fast, easy, at a great price, and be done with it. Then make a new rule: changing of PJs into clothes for the day is done in the bathroom on the TILE floor only.


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