Tips for shopping for a stylish man’s wedding ring

Typically, weddings are so focused on the bride. The choice of a wedding ring for the groom is usually glossed over. Why? Well, the impression of most of society: he’s not interested in the details. However, many fashion-conscious men today embrace finger rings as an important fashion accessory. Men want rings to match not only their wardrobe, but also want something to elevate their style-quotient. Of course, sorting out the budget remains as much a problem today as it ever has. A fashion-conscious gentleman can stick with the time-tested traditional materials, and classic styles. However, there’s always the modern approach, too. The enormous selection of stylish rings makes for a daunting job.

Tips for shopping for a stylish man's wedding ring

Tips for shopping for a stylish man’s wedding ring

If there’s anything men, whether fashion-conscious or not, will obsess over, it’s the cost of the ring. Choices are plentiful, from a simple stainless steel band to a diamond-encrusted platinum wedding ring. There’s nothing that’s right or wrong, but most men will take a look at the price tag to figure out whether it makes sense to them. You can be sure most men would happily put aside style considerations stay within budget. Though with the advent of some really high-tech materials they have the luxury of getting ultra-fashionable looks at prices that are as rock-bottom as you can get. A glance at some of the popular options:

Diamond rings 

If he’s looking at diamond wedding rings, it’s quite evident that he’s not caught up in budgets. These rings are beautiful, and scream class. The simple reason most people cannot really afford them? Apart from the number, and size, of the diamonds on the ring, a major cost component is also the precious metal to which they are attached. If he’s looking at a diamond-platinum combination, he’s looking at a sizzling price tag. If he’s hung up on diamonds, but doesn’t have the budget for platinum, pair it with gold, or tungsten carbide for a really classy out-of-the-ordinary look.

Platinum rings

Considered to be one of the coolest options available for the fashionable groom, platinum rings are admired for the antique look due to the patina they develop with extended wear. Though they are softer than gold, and scratch more easily, these rings get beaten, or dented like gold rings. Platinum can be a pricey, but if he’s really keen on it for its classic looks, get hunting, especially online! Great deals can turn up anywhere online.

Palladium rings

While it’s substantially less expensive than platinum, palladium earned its precious metal status as recently as 2010. It looks similar to platinum, though much lighter. What’s great about it, it can retain its shape better. It doesn’t require too much maintenance as it does not scratch or dent easily; however, it can be difficult to find in most jewelry stores since jewelers aren’t accustomed to working with palladium.

Gold rings

A perennial favorite, gold wedding rings are some of the hottest items on the market. It’s best to resist the temptation of buying a ring with higher karat value as they tend to be softer, and get bent and scratched more easily. Opting for a 14K ring gives you better durability and you also spend a lot less. Not into yellow gold, no problem, white gold works, too!

Tungsten rings

If there’s one metal that has caught the attention of both the fashion conscious, as well as the cost-conscious, it’s tungsten. Rings fashioned out of this high-tech material aren’t only amazingly tough, but possess super-cool looks too. Tungsten rings are available in black, gray and a distinctive white, all of which can earn you envious looks from people around you. You can afford to be careless not only because it is so tough, but also because it is unbelievably inexpensive. HINT: you can replace it for far less if you lose, or happen to damage it.


Just like his bride, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to his ring. Choose one that he’s comfortable with, suits his personality and your wedding budget.

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