Tips for Getting the Perfect Family Photoshoot

Family photos can be pretty amazing things, however, getting through a family photoshoot isn’t always easy. However, the photos will help families remember moments, as well as the people that have long since passed. They connect our stories and help us keep track of our roots as we move along our life paths. They enable us to show off our best moments and memories to friends and extended family.

Getting the best family photos

Tips for getting the perfect family photoshoot

A family photo can help capture the beautiful moments that often pass us by far too quickly. For all these reasons, a quality family photoshoot is important. Below are tips to help you capture just that.

Coordinating to Perfection

The family photo has come a long way from the awkward vibe that it used to have, complete with fake smiles and grey backdrops, like in those strange annual holiday cards you might still get from relatives. Although the news family photos have been scheduled still fills certain family members with dread, the process isn’t as painful anymore. More focus is now put on capturing realistic and fun moments in the family.

That being said, there are a number of things you and your family can do to distinguish your candid photos from professional ones. The first: hiring a professional photographer rather than using a smartphone. Before hiring a professional, review their portfolio so you’re certain their creative style matches yours. Get tips from family and friends on who they used.

Some of the best family photos incorporate a certain level of cohesiveness among family members. This usually means coordinating clothing choices, though it doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the same outfit. Choose colors that go well with each other and are of the same color tone. Dress comfortably in things you can easily move around in. It’ll help you and your kids relax and take more natural photos.

Designing the Right Moment

The next step to a perfect family photoshoot: design the right moment! Choose locations that capture the essence of your family and complement the clothing choices you’ve made. Plan your photoshoot based on the season, then dress accordingly. There is no need to wear thin dresses in the snow or fancy sweaters in the summer — it will make your family more uncomfortable and your photos less natural.

If you’re doing a photoshoot with small children, to ensure their cooperation for the whole shoot: keep them engaged and move around a lot between pictures. Plan the event in the same way you would when going to see a movie or visiting friend’s house:

  • Make sure they have eaten and napped prior to the photoshoot in order to avoid unhappy tantrums.
  • Take some additional steps to help newborns get better sleep, such as adjusting temperature, dimming lights, and playing soothing music, which will coincidentally also help to capture the precious sleeping baby photos that have become popular.
  • Plan outfit and location changes in a progression that will help things move quickly in order to avoid any crying baby challenges.

Leaving Room for Expression

Photographing family members and capturing the perfect moment can mean a lot of things, and that doesn’t necessarily always entail a professional photoshoot. In many cases, it is easier and more fun to capture moments of joy and love on a whim. Oftentimes these make for the best photos that we come back to over and over again.

Whether your photos are professional or candid, be sure to leave plenty of space to capture what makes your family unique. This could entail using new technology, such as drones, to get high-angle images of your family doing things in cool destinations you love. Or it could mean taking photos in an uncommon location that means a lot to you.

Ultimately, the photo that means the most to you is going to be the one that links up quality and comfort. It will be the photo that avoids the fake smiles and dull eyes and instead captures the genuine laughs and looks of love. These will be the ones that everyone envies — the ones the kids will come back to over the years to remember the good times.

There is a fair amount of effort and time that goes into planning the perfect family photoshoot. Hiring a professional, coordinating clothing, and picking out solid photo destinations can make a big difference. If you are shooting with kids or newborns, prepping them properly can make the day much easier. Ultimately, the perfect photo comes down to what makes you the happiest, so look to incorporate that above all else!

Author Bio: Brooke Faulkner is a writer and mom in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can check out more of her writing on twitter, @faulknercreek

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