Tips for a stress free holiday season with ReadyRefresh℠

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Stress free holiday season? Is it possible? YES. Simple tips, and tricks, help you through the trials and tribulations of your holidays. Even changing one aspect of your daily routine decreases the weight of the world sitting on your shoulders. Giving back to others, or doing good deeds, helps deal with stress, too. I’m sharing super simple tips to help you through the most hectic time of the year: the holidays.

Tips for a stress free holiday season with ReadyRefresh℠

Stress free holiday season is possible, one helpful tip at a time

Involve the entire house

Unhealthy habits creep into a daily routine when you feel like everything in the world is your responsibility. Grocery shopping. Holiday gift shopping. End-of-the-year parties at school. Preparing to host celebrations. Cooking, not just for daily meals, but also for the holiday celebrations. Everyone wants those holiday cookies you’re famous for. Cleaning, well, deep cleaning, for holiday guests. The pressure is insane to get everything done, and done perfectly.

Good news: you don’t have to do everything all on your own. Dish those chores out, people. It’s my ultimate tip of all tips. Do not do everything by yourself.

  • Get the kids cleaning.
  • Pull everyone into the kitchen to help with meals, and baking.
  • Involve your kids in selecting beverages for your next delivery on the ReadyRefresh.com website, and let them choose beverages for home, school lunches, and school parties!

Stay healthy for the holidays

In my house, water is the beverage of choice. It’s our healthiest habit, to be 100 percent honest. I find it difficult enough to keep the sweets, and snacks, on the healthy side. It’s a losing battle most days. However, I’m not one to budge on the water habit. Every day I work hard to make good, as well as smart, choices. The kids choosing to drink water over all other sugary drinks other kids drink, is my only saving grace as a parent these days.

Sparkling Poland Spring ReadyRefresh

Obviously, the holidays bring about stressful times, so the last thing I want to worry about is running out of our healthy supply of beverage options. Instead of finding us without water options I’m proud to serve the kids, it’s important to keep a constant supply of the beverage options we all love. Healthy hydration, I believe, keeps everyone’s bodies working properly. Get sick, doctors tell you lots of fluids. Flush all that stuff out, right? In my head, I figure, let’s just pump bodies full of water and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

ReadyRefresh by Nestle helps your healthy lifestyle in a couple of ways

Sure, there’s an easy way to bring a little more health into your home with ReadyRefresh, because it’s a customizable delivery service providing families with a variety of Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water (still and sparkling,) purified water, teas, and imported water varieties. However, it’s an amazing stress reliever, too. Seriously, check it out, the ReadyRefresh mission: make it easy for you and your family to live a healthier life. It makes it super simple: just a few clicks, or a few taps on your mobile device, through ReadyRefresh.com, you’re able to quickly customize your order for thirst-quenching beverages delivered right to your door.

WHAT? Yes!!!!

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water Aranciata

Help thy neighbor

Getting out of your own head helps. I find I sink fast if I am in my own head, going through everything I need to get done. One might say I become…. self-centered, and before I become a martyr and alienate my loved ones, I check myself. I look around to see who needs a hand in my circle. Sometimes it’s a neighbor, other times it’s a friend in another state, and sometimes, it’s a family member in a different country.

Sending care packages is my thing, to remind people to take care of themselves, so they aren’t trying to fill the cups of others from an “empty pot.” Translation: take time to tend to self-care, in order to care for others, ESPECIALLY around the holidays when everyone is pulling at you from every direction.

  • Boss: “this needs to be done before the holiday break.”
  • Kids: “our class party is tomorrow, and we have a dairy allergy kid, a peanut allergy, and someone who can’t eat strawberries and mom, you’re on SNACKS for the 25 kids.”
  • Siblings: “what do your kids want for Christmas, their sizes, and where can I find it in the store.”
  • Friends: “you’re coming to our holiday party on Wednesday night, in between the 10 activities your kids are involved in, right? Oh, and can you bring something with you for the potluck?”

Yep. Empty pots can’t do much for anyone else.

#GoodHabitsDelivered this holiday season

One friend hooked up a friend with some awesome #GoodHabitsDelivered for the holidays. Check out how Vera, a.k.a. Ladyandtheblog.com spreading the holiday cheer to her amazing friend, and neighbor. You guys can gift the ReadyRefresh beverage delivery service to a BFF, or family member, too, and make their holidays a little less stressful!

What are your favorite small gestures of, and family traditions for, giving back during the holidays? Share them on social media using the #GoodHabitsDelivered and tag @ReadyRefresh! ReadyRefresh is not only on Facebook, but ReadyRefresh is also on Twitter, under the handle @ReadyRefresh.

Interested in fostering healthy habits at home? This holiday season, sign up for ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestle® to receive beverages delivered to your home.

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