I used to be organized, now I’m lost

I used to be organized. It was something that kept my work day flowing easily. After kids, I lost a bit of that organization.

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I used to be organized, now I’m lost

What was the final nail in my organization coffin? The stupid flood in our home. Now’s my chance to take 2015 by the balls, and get my sh*t organized. I’ve got a blank slate for our basement, and for my “office.” I’m grabbing my organization tiara back, and making it into a crown!

Before and After Kids

Before kids I was an organized, professional woman. I knew exactly where everything was, and my office was always orderly. After my first kid, I slowly started to lose the organization skill. I’d leave stuff all over the house, because I’d get distracted and just put things down wherever I had gotten sidetracked. I lived in a bit of a state of loss at all times. We were always looking for something in our home. Then I had our son. Basically it all went downhill! My brain, my mind, my memory, my organization…..just straight into a very deep gulley. It never quite recovered.

I kept saying “when we move to a larger home, I’ll have places for everything and it’ll get better.”

Moving into a Larger Home

It did NOT get better, but we did have more spots to get things put away. I just couldn’t ever remember where we put the things once they were put away. Our basement was sort of organized. Toys were put in specific spots in the playroom, my office was a bit of a mess, but I knew where everything was, and our laundry room was full, but we knew where the stuff we needed was kept. We were making progress, and then the rains came. Literally, the rain just came down, flash flooded in our area and we ended up with a basement DESTROYED by water.

After a lot of crying, and money going out faster than the water had poured into our basement, I decided to look at it as a way of cleaning our clutter out. Slowly we’ve been going through all the items we moved out of the basement, throwing a lot out, doing a bit of organizing to get things put back down there once the basement is back together. It should be back together by next Christmas, because again, we don’t have the money and we’re doing it all ourselves. Scratch that… my husband has been putting most of it back together. Once that’s done, I get to paint and then we put flooring down. It’ll be a CLEAN SLATE to organize the sh*t out of! I cannot wait.

The Organization Plan of Attack

First, my office will be tackled and I want BRIGHT, FUN stuff to make the work space feel like a party is happening! Nothing boring. I want it sprinkled with Office Candy! Beautiful notebooks, pads, and pens. Colors like orange, green and blue. Perhaps a new garbage can, and file folders, too. I’m going to organize like a QUEEN when that new office space is ready.

Second, the rest of the basement. We’ve done all kinds of Spring cleaning thanks to the flood. Lots of things were thrown out, given away after it was thoroughly cleaned, and washed. We still have so much, though. We are in desperate need of a spot to organize our food pantry down there. The hubby built a special closet under the stairs, and we’re going to be filling that with our food stuff. Dry goods, canned goods, and things that will be kept up, and off the floor! We’re counting on no more floods, but now we’re taking huge precautions. Only plastic bins on the floor, no paper at all!

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