Top tips to flatter your figure and embrace yourself

If there’s one thing that more women should learn, it’s how to work with their body instead of against it. The female figure has always been a subject of much debate. Since everyone has something to about what the ideal shape of a woman is, a lot of us feel pressured to achieve this insane standard.

  • Figuring out how to put effort into your appearance, but make it look effortless.
  • How to use makeup, but make it look like you never wear any.

Basically, unless you’re naturally perfect, someone is probably telling you you’re not doing it right.

Flatter your figure and embrace yourself

Flatter your figure with top tips

Luckily, we can let go of that tension and ignore the pressure. Learning to embrace yourself is about body positivity and feeling good in your own skin, and we’re here to inspire you to learn a bit about self-love and finally work with your body.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone

You shouldn’t even compare yourself to your next door neighbor, let alone the images in the media. Someone will always have:

  • a smaller waist
  • or fuller hair
  • a better-shaped nose

Your worth doesn’t depend on others, and obsessive comparisons leads to:

  • bitterness
  • resentment
  • generally nasty thoughts

All of this overtakes your life. You’re your own person, and your unique set of features, your figure, are pretty damn great.

Don’t let insecurity get in the way of making memories

Would you rather be laughing and having fun with your friends, or sitting at home pouting because you’re too insecure to go to the beach? Or to a club? Or to a party? Ten years from now, what kind of things do you want to remember? Don’t let insecurity shape your whole life to the point you stop paying attention to the cool stuff happening around you.

Invest in a tailor

To reiterate: work with your figure, not against it. Listen, the clothing industry is really weird about sizing and mass-produced garments seldom fit anyone perfectly. It’s not your fault your body looks awkward in some dresses! If you’ve any curves at all, it’s unlikely conventional clothing that fits well is easy to find. The solution to this: simply invest in a good tailor and have them make you something that fits you like a glove! Also, when you find something that does fit well, get it in multiple colors. Stick to your strengths!

Reward your body with fashion and glamour

Fashion doesn’t belong to any one:

  • shape
  • size
  • race
  • gender
  • or even the size of wallet

You get to have fun with colors and cuts, and you can rock any style you want to rock. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment. Most importantly, treat yourself with glamour occasionally. Buy pieces that enhance your figure; buy colors that bring out your skin tone, as well as your eyes.

Invest in sexy designer swimwear that maeks you stand out at the beach, or grab a sassy little bikini and walk in it proudly. Don’t limit yourself with “I couldn’t pull that off” before actually trying it. You’d be surprised what a little confidence and a willingness for experimenting can do for one’s appearance.

Find good materials

Quality over quantity is generally a good rule to adopt, and you’ll have a much easier time in fashion sticking with good fabrics and things that fit you well. Always try things on. If they don’t make you happy when you see yourself in the mirror, don’t buy them. Regardless of any sales and discounts, don’t buy things that don’t make you happy.

Don’t let a careless comment put you down

Why would you let someone who spent maybe a minute on a mean comment ruin your entire day? There will always be people who don’t like something about you. There will always be jerks who take it a step further, and flaunt their petty opinions. One person’s opinion doesn’t translate to what everyone thinks, and it definitely shouldn’t shape the way you think about yourself either.

Compliment everyone around you

Starting with yourself! Look into the mirror and say something nice every day. After all, self-talk works and it never hurts to try it. Compliment others as well, and make sure you’re always honest. Nurture a kind, positive mindset and embrace good feelings that come your way. That’s the best way to counter negativity and to train yourself to stop being so self-deprecating.

The first step to bettering yourself is to leave some room in your mind for self-love instead of stubbornly refusing to believe you could ever be good enough. You’re already good enough, you’re already gorgeous! Others see this, now you need to.

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