Top Toys from TTPM’s annual Holiday Showcase

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Top toys from the TTPM Holiday Showcase

Can you feel it? Can you FEEL IT? The rumbling of the shopping carts. The squealing of children. Moms saying “No, we’re not putting that on the list for Santa.” You can smell the desperation of all kids, in the air. All of them starting to behave just a little bit better, because the threat of “Santa won’t bring you ANYTHING from ANY LIST if you behave like this” from stressed out mothers who are ready for 2015 to be over. Yup, it’s holiday shopping season, and it’s time to start creating those lists for Santa. Perhaps the top toys from TTPM 2015 Holiday Showcase can help you guide your kids into asking for things worth the money! Let’s dig in, shall we?

Top Toys from TTPM 2015 Holiday Showcase

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Moose Toys Shopkins Fashion

It’s Shopkins. Do I really need to explain why these little figures are going to be a hot toy this season? Yeah, if you’ve got kids, you know all about Shopkins! Now the Shopkins line has gone beyond food. They’ve entered the world of fashion. Get ready to do battle at the toy stores if you wait too long to get your newest Shopkins figures! You’re kids will be asking for the Shoppies, and there’s three of them ready for the holidays. As luck would have it, Amazon sells all three in one pack! Shopkins Shoppies: Popette, Bubbleisha and Jessicakes (3 separate dolls).

The Irish Fairy Door

The moment I saw the boxes of Fairy Doors from The Irish Fairy Door Company, I knew the Fairy Door was one of the most unique products I’ve see in a long time. It’s not just about putting in a fairy door at your house, but rather an entire fairy owning experience! You buy your door, name your fairy, and receive an “official Fairy Lease Agreement.” If you can’t think of a name for your fairy, they’ve got a Fairy Name area to hunt one down.

Once you’ve got your door in your home, a little code will be on the door. The code will complete the registration process! You’ll leave a little key out for your fairy, and if it’s missing in the morning, it means your fairy has officially moved in.  My favorite aspect of this little door? You can write letters to your fairy, and the fairy writes back. It’s not just install a little door, and that’s the end of it. The magic continues long after your fairy friend accepts the key. Interested in one for your little one? You can find them on Amazon.com: Magical Irish Fairy Door. Irish Fairy Door Company, Purple Arched Door. Handcrafted and Decorated in Ireland. Unlock a World of Imagination.


Who remembers Colorforms? Am I showing my age at this point? Noooooo. You remember, I know you do. Well, now they’ve got tons of licenses, and have so many characters, it’s going to blow your mind. Personally, my favorite product out right now: the Big Wall Playset Colorforms. It has a huge background that sticks on the wall, and are movable. I kind of fell in love with the Minions themed one. So cute.

Another favorite is the Take Along pack. They’re smaller, and can travel with kids. Bring them in the car, or on a plane. It comes with four Colorforms sheets, and has pocket storage! Plus, a handle. Perfection.

Finally, there’s also a smaller pack, the On the Go, which would be perfect to give out as birthday party favors. They aren’t available on their website, but they’re available in stores. Each set includes 3 Colorforms sheets, and a two-sided fold-out background with pocket storage. Love the storage.

Jewelry Crafts

It appears that jewelry making is “the thing” for little ones this year. There’s a ton of options for kids to choose from, and the favorites from the show are:

Strand Bands

Bracelets are made out of stretchable rubber, and super easy to braid. Lots of beads, and charms to create really pretty bracelets. They also have orange Strand Band material. SCORE.

Just My Style

The newest goodies they’ve come out with are the Mystic Knot Jewelry, Wave Wear, and Tattoo Jewelry kits. All are fabulous, and definitely add to the whole line of products. The old standbies Shamballa Bracelets, Friendship Bracelets, and Paracord Bracelets, are still hugely popular. Get them all. Your daughter, or your son, will have so many options to create beautiful bracelets.

Friendship bracelets NEVER go out of style, and the Paracord bracelet craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a bit, so get them all. Worst thing that might happen? Return what your kid doesn’t love, or give it as a gift to one of the millions of kids who will invite your child to a birthday party!

Alex Toys Shrinky Dinks 3D Jewelry

I touched upon the bake & shape 3D kit after the TTPM Spring Showcase. It’s BIGGER, as they increased the kit size. All the more awesome. Love this one. I’d wear this jewelry if my kids created it using the Shrinky Dinks 3D kit. Believe it.

Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations from Cra-Z-Art Shimmer & Sparkle

Girls like bling. Many boys out there like bling. Adults of all ages love bling. It doesn’t surprise me when I see a jewelry kit that incorporates lots of bling into it! Cra-Z-Jewelz Ultimate Gem Machine gives kids the chance to design, and create, gemstone jewelry. The gem machine is sold separately, and can be used with the Tennis & Tassel Bracelets, as well as the Gem Charm and Slider Bracelets, kit. I kind of like the tennis bracelets the kids can create. Just putting it out there. If anyone wants to have their kid make me one, I wouldn’t say no to that kind of beautiful gift.

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Skyrocket Toys Chocolate Pen

As soon as I saw the Chocolate Pen, I knew it would be a huge hit with kids. Heck, I loved it! Kids can draw anything they want with the pen, once it hardens, just pick it up off the wax paper. Perfect for little bakers to add cute accents to cupcakes, cakes, or cookies. Maybe just enjoy a lovely personalized chocolate creation. Any which way you want to enjoy using the pen, it’ll soak up hours of time for the kids!

A little note: if you want to score the pink one, you’ll have to head to Walmart. Blue ones are available at most other retailers.

Skyrocket Toys Sky Viper Streaming Drone

It’s a drone. It flies. It records what it sees. WHAT kind of world are we living in? Totally insane how awesome the Sky Viper Streaming Drone, and scary! Kids, or adults, can send the drone up into the air, and place their cell phone onto the controller. Everything the drone sees, you’ll see on your screen! It records, too. If it wouldn’t distract the kids, I’d totally use this at soccer and lacrosse games!

Lose something on the roof of your house, and can’t seem to find it? Maybe the Sky Viper HD Video Drone can help you!

Wicked Cool Toys Master Chef Junior

Are your kids into cooking? Do they love the show Master Chef Junior? HOLY PUMPKINS do you have to get the Master Chef Junior cooking kits! Pizza making, burger making, baking, oh my. All my kids beg me to do is cook, which is crazy, since I am very new to cooking on a more regular basis. However, we do watch an exorbitant amount of cooking shows. Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, all the shows on Food Network, and we love Top Chef. I guess it’s not surprising they beg me to cook with them, and now, the Master Chef Junior cooking kits will definitely be making their way into our home!


The Minions came out with a new movie this summer. Everyone loves Minions. Boys, girls, adults, pets. It doesn’t matter. The little banana eating Gru-lovers are popular, and you can find ANYTHING you want with a Minion on it. Seriously, it’s on overload. Surprisingly, they haven’t worn out their welcome. So get the goodies now, while the goodies are plentiful!

Peanuts Happy Dance Snoopy

The Peanuts Movie is heading into theatres in November. Anything that has to do with Peanuts, and Snoopy, is going to fly off the shelves. Just Play’s Dancing Snoopy is adorable. It dances, but it also pops its ears up when you touch your nose, to his nose. However, the dancing is damn cute. Adults, and kids, will totally fall in  love with this little Snoopy. Besides, who doesn’t love Snoopy? I don’t even like The Peanuts comics, and I love Snoopy.

Trust me when I say this: if you see the Dancing Snoopy on the shelf at your local store, get it. It’ll make everyone smile on Christmas morning, or one of the many nights of Hanukah.

Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic

Ever head to an event, and they’ve got mini versions of your favorite foods? Little baby sliders, or tiny little tacos, or maybe tiny cookies & milk? It’s a thing, and kids aren’t about to miss out on this trend that’s been trending for years! Now they can make cute little miniature foods with Yummy Nummies mixes. Just mix, make them in the microwave, and eat them. No real oven needed!

The craziest part about the Yummy Nummies? The miniature foods actually taste like what they look like. Kits come with foods like tacos, waffles, french fries, and so much more. I’m fairly certain as the weather starts to get colder, and the snow hits, Yummy Nummies will be a huge boredom beater.

Mario Kart 8 Hovering RC Car

Doesn’t actually hover, it just has little wheels under it that kids can’t see, which makes it APPEAR to hover. Hey, I fell for it. Totally love it, and would totally get this for my kid for the holidays. It looks exactly like the Wii U game’s little Mario Kart. Say what? Say YES.


Do you step on those hard, plastic building blocks that shall remain nameless? Curse out every child on the planet while you hop around in pain, holding your foot, and waking up the entire neighborhood? Yeah, you’re not alone. We all want those suckers out of our house, but we still want the kids to be creative and build great stuff. Well, well, Spin Master’s on the parents’ side and created Bunchems!. All the building fun, none of the pain when moms, and dads, step on them in the middle of the night on the nightly trip to use the bathroom!

TOMY Talking Plus Inside Out Characters & I Cry Candy Bing Bong

Do I need to tell you why these are the coolest? I didn’t think so, but I will highlight the fact that they look EXACTLY like the characters in the movie. Oh, and they TALK. The damn things talk. Sometimes, I truly believe my generation got the short end of the stick when it came to toys. Our kids get the coolest stuff, and I’m a little ticked off about it. Good thing my kids don’t mind when I play with their stuff. These will probably make their way into my possession, as I create a little Inside Out area in our home to showcase their awesomeness! We will see, we will see.

Beyond the toys….

Listen, toys are awesome, for sure, but the TTPM showcase does have more than just toys. I fell in love with a great piece of technology!

KP Kurio Smart Tablet PC #kurio #TTPM

What did I love that wouldn’t fall into the toy category, you ask? It’s the KP Interactive The Kurio SMART. It’s a tablet, it’s a miniature laptop, it’s AWESOME. I want one for when I travel. It’s seriously such a great price, and the fact it’s both a laptop and a tablet, is just pure gold! Oh yeah, it’d be great for the kids, too. Totally. Of course, it’s all about the kids…..

What do you think? What’s going to be on your kids’ lists for the holidays, and what might show up on your list for Santa? Share in the comments below!

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