Understanding Ingredients in children’s personal care products with Seventh Generation

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Do you look at the ingredients on your kids’ shampoo? What about their lotion? The sunscreen they use? When I first did it, I had to Google almost every ingredient, and I was still confused as to what was okay for the kids to use, and what wasn’t.

Instead of putting moms through all of that, Seventh Generation and The Motherhood are hoping to help Moms out with a fantastic INFORMATIVE Twitter Party! Even better? They’ll be giving away some amazing prizes which will all include a FULL SET of Seventh Generation baby care products.

Want to know more? GOOD! I was hoping you’d say that!

Party Details for the #7GenBabyFest Twitter party

What: Many moms make reading and understanding food ingredient labels a priority. But what about reading bath and body personal care product labels? Seventh Generation recently partnered with The Motherhood on a survey that showed parents may need some help when it comes understanding the ingredients that are in their children’s personal care products. Join us for a Twitter party to help you better understand how to read product ingredient labels so you can make the healthiest decisions for you and your family! We’ll be sharing the results from the survey, and Seventh Generation experts will be there to answer questions!

When: Wednesday, February 13, 1 p.m. ET (the party will last one hour)

Where: We’ll be on Twitter – follow the #7GenBabyFest hashtag to track the conversation. You can see the details and RSVP via this Twtvite: http://bit.ly/VR87MP

Hashtag: #7GenBabyFest

Prizes: Seventh Generation will give away five total prizes, each including a full set of Seventh Generation baby care products. Winners will be chosen randomly from among participants who respond correctly to trivia questions.

Hosts: @theMotherhood, @CooperMunroe, @EmilyMcKhann, @SeventhGen

TweetGrid for the party: http://bit.ly/11bcuIy

Visit Seventh Generation’s website: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/

I will see you there, since I’m one of the lucky co-hosts of this rather cool event!


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