Weekend getaway near NYC for a girls trip

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Ladies. Listen up. We all need a girls trip once in a while. If you live in New York, I’ve a fantastic location for a weekend getaway near NYC! Even better? Break up the road trip with a detour in Owego, New York and make it an extended weekend getaway near NYC. Trust me, you’ll thank me!

Rochester Weekend getaway near NYC - Collage of The City  of Rochester

Grab your girls for a weekend getaway near NYC

City of Rochester Public Market

One of my favorite stops during my City of Rochester visits? The City of Rochester Public Market. Locally grown produce, fruits and flowers fills the market. There’s fresh meats, and cheeses as far as the eye can see. During certain seasons, you’ll score maple syrup, too. I love it so much, I even own a shirt with their logo on it. It’s probably one of my favorite ways to raise awareness about not just Rochester, but also the public market.

What makes the market even more special? Their food stamp token program. Many local public markets can’t handle food stamp collection. The City of Rochester created a token program facilitating an easy way food stamps are collected. Any time I can shop at places making an effort to truly be a part of the community, as well as offer an amazing spread of locally-sourced goodies, I’m on it.

Grab the girls, head to the market, pick up some fantastic cheeses and pullovers! Your family will love anything you bring home from the public market.

Rohrbach’s Beer Hall

After a great shopping haul at the public market, it’s a super short walk down to the Rohrbach’s Beer Hall. Now, I don’t drink beer. It’s a rare occurrence. However, the brewpub doesn’t just serve craft beers, house ales, and lagers. If you’re visiting Rochester with your ladies, it’s worth a trip to the original craft brewery established in 1991. It’s a must, because beer wouldn’t be such a huge story in the Rochester beer scene without Rohrbach’s.

Get their bacon. It’s divine. I wish they’d deliver their bacon to Long Island. Thick-cut, and right now, as I think about it, my mouth waters.

George Eastman Museum

In a world where Instagram dominates almost all other social media platforms, pictures are an integral part of all of our lives. Whether you’re a pro photographer, or just enjoy snapping photos on your phone for Instagram, you’ll love the George Eastman Museum. The history behind Kodak’s creator is, simply, beautiful. His commitment to the arts was so strong, it’s felt in Rochester to this day.

George Eastman funded so many programs for local children, in order to instill a true art movement that permeates every nook and cranny of the city he called home. If you’re lucky, you’ll visit on a day the organ player is there. George Eastman built his home so music sounds as powerful as it’s meant to sound. Hearing a professional musician play the organ, takes one’s breath away. Truly inspiring.

National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House

As a woman, visiting Susan B. Anthony Museum and House is more than powerful. Goosebumps appear all over my body entering her home. Susan B. Anthony walked through this house. Her history-making friends slept in her guest rooms; worked in her parlor; sat with her in her dining room; climbed her stairs to brainstorm with her in her office. All of them making their voices heard and changing lives, and laws.

Casa Larga Vineyards

Wine? I know. It’s not me, that’s for damn sure. However, almost every friend I have drinks wine. Casa Larga Vineyards is too beautiful to miss, too. If you go in September, there’s a Purple Foot Festival. In 2019, it’s happening on September 15th. There’s things to do with the kids, including stomping grapes with your feet! However, if you’re hitting it with your ladies, no worries. There’s plenty of fun for gals on a weekend trip.

Even though I don’t drink wine, there’s a couple of slushy-type items I enjoyed, as well as the Sangria.

Rochester Pedal Tours

I’m not physically fit. Doing a pedal tour frightened me to my core. However, Rochester Pedal Tours is a highlight of any trip to Rochester. Doing it with a ton of friends is a must during a trip to ROC. Rochester has a ton of history, and the architecture is stunning. See key spots like:

  • Sibley Building
  • Liberty Pole
  • Rochester Savings Bank
  • St Joseph’s Cathedral
  • St Paul Murals
  • and so much more

Pedal Tours require a bit of work, as many of the guests must pedal. However, there are a few sports for those who aren’t able to pedal, or don’t want to, or need a break from it. Personally, I did the whole route. I figured why not? With all the amazing food I’d consumed, I needed to work some of it off! It was fun, and surprisingly, with the help of a friend adjusting my seat, it wasn’t as stressful on my knees as I thought it would be.

Ladies. Trust me. Rochester’s a fantastic long weekend road trip getaway. September’s weather is decent. Snow doesn’t usually start falling until late October. Heck, one year I had a weekend in November where my first day I experienced 80+ degree weather, second day was in the 60s and my final day I left during a minor snowfall.



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