Wen Hair Care system by Chaz Dean *UPDATED*

*This is my story and my opinions concerning Wen Hair Care. Your experience may be different.
I’m sharing my story so others you will be charged when returning products. It’s misleading MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Let me start by saying I had high hopes for Wen by Chaz Dean working. I truly wanted to be able to switch me, as well as the kids to something more natural. Hopes: crushed. 

Horrible product: Wen Hair Care system by Chaz Dean

I ordered Wen by Chaz dean on April 12, 2010. I used my birthday money to pay for it. It had all over the site 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Clearly written all over the website, along with the invoice I received. Apparently, I failed to read all the fine print, because in the fine print when you order this product, it states  “they will be sending you another order in 30 days from the date that you place your first order and then you will receive 90-day supply automatically every 3 months. You’ll pay only $29.95 per month plus $7.95 shipping and handling on subsequent orders. There is no minimum to buy and it’s easy to reschedule, suspend or cancel at any time by calling customer service. This purchase will be charged to the card you provided today. Every WEN purchase includes a 60-day money-back guarantee of the purchase price less shipping and handling.”

Sneaky as hell

No where does it say you have to PAY to ship the product back. After the product didn’t work for me, I not only have to pay for the shipping charges of $5.95 when they shipped it to me, but also shipping to send it back to them.
AND, because I was not able to get my call in sooner, I now have the second shipment on its way and have to pay for those shipping and handling charges. This time though, I don’t need an RA#, I can just put RETURN TO SENDER on the box.

Say what?

Let me write this again, because I still cannot believe it:
1. The cost of the first batch of product is being reimbursed. (+29.95)
2. I have to pay to send the first batch of product back. (-6.25)
3. I’m not being reimbursed for the cost of them shipping it to me. (-5.95)
4. I’ll be reimbursed the cost of the second batch of product. (+29.95)
5. I will not have to pay to send it back if I don’t open the box and just put RETURN TO SENDER. (+0)
6. HOWEVER, I have to pay the shipping charges for the company mailing it out to me before I got my call in to cancel the next order. (-7.95)

Fair test of product

I gave the products a fair shot. I used them for a month. Unfortunately, the only things I liked:
  • the smell of the product (Sweet Almond Mint) 
  • a comb (which was a free gift and I get to keep it……however, is it really free at this point?)
Let’s see, I ordered the product HOPING IT WOULD WORK. Believed I’d get my money back less the shipping charges for them mailing it to me. I mean, I wanted to love the products. Yes, my readers, followers, friends and family, I make mistakes in my frugal life. I do. I’m big enough to admit it. However, when not told up-front about paying to have to ship it back in order to get my 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, PISSES ME OFF. All return policies need to be clear BEFORE customers RECEIVE the product, open it up, and read the BACK of the invoice.

Guthy-Renker – When you state that you will refund the purchase price, less shipping and handling, it is EXTREMELY sneaky. You make it sound as if the customer will just have to pay the shipping and handling to GET the product, not the shipping and handling we have to pay to RETURN the products back to you.
Maybe write the next shipment date a bit larger, and DEAD CENTER, so people aren’t duped into giving over more of their hard earned money. OH , wait, here’s some fine print for you: Don’t schedule the shipment to go out before 30 days from my original order date.

So not worth it

PERSONALLY, I DID NOT LIKE this product. It didn’t work on my hair. Certainly didn’t work on my daughter’s hair. It smells great, and the comb I received is good. However, the “free comb” isn’t worth the money. Especially not worth it, since their MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is costing me a nice chunk of change.
The product costs $29.95, with standard shipping costing $5.95 (to NY.)

With my $29.95 refund, I’m paying for:
1. The shipping and handling, bringing my bill to 35.90.
2. Shipping it back to them (which is not yet known, but I will update this when I pay at the post office) is $6.25.
3.  Shipping & Handling fee (which looks like $7.95) for the second batch of products being sent out (but at least I don’t have to pay even more shipping to send it BACK to them, just have to put that RETURN TO SENDER).

So far, I have paid $13.90 and will have to add more to that for the postage to ship the first batch back to them…….free comb and texture balm MY ASS. I have paid a total of $20.15 for this SO CALLED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Disgraceful.
This situation has me FIRED UP!

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