What To Expect if You Are Pregnant for the First Time

Pregnancy can be an exciting and nerve-wracking part of life. It’s especially the case if this is your first experience with carrying a child.

pregnant for the first time

What to Expect if You’re Pregnant for the First Time

If you’re wondering what to expect if you’re pregnant for the first time, here are some of the common symptoms you may experience.

Sleep Can Be Difficult When You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy, you may experience some problems with your sleep. Many of the issues can be caused by discomfort. Early on, your hormones can cause fatigue, making it difficult to focus and function like you did pre-pregnancy. Considering your body is working hard to create a new life, it’s no wonder you may feel tired. If fatigue is interfering with your life excessively, you should speak to your doctor. It’s also important to remember to do the following to help alleviate your tiredness:

  • rest when you can
  • take naps
  • eat well

Later in your pregnancy, the new shape of your body and pressure from your baby growing can make it hard to get comfortable enough to sleep. Products, such as large sleep pillows, may help you get more comfortable. If lack of sleep is affecting your daily life, your doctor may be able to give you additional pregnancy sleep tips to help you rest up before your baby comes.

Hormones Can Cause an Array of Symptoms

Human reproduction is dictated by hormones, which can have some unfortunate side effects. Fluctuations in hormones can affect every part of your body! Hormone changes can cause things like new cavities in your teeth and even widening your feet. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by hormonal changes to your body, but also essential to remember it’s normal when creating a new life.

One of these changes you’ll experience is potential shifts in your mood. These shifts might make you a little more emotionally fragile than usual. If you have ever experienced PMS, you’ll have had a taste of potential pregnancy mood changes. Discuss even the most mild mood swings with your doctor. Seek help if you are experiencing more concerning symptoms such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • other psychological signs

All of the above may indicate more severe conditions.

Nausea Can Be Hard to Cope With

A common symptom in early pregnancy, but usually lessens in the second and third trimesters, is nausea. The nausea can happen with or without vomiting. Morning sickness is a bit of a misnomer because episodes of nausea and vomiting can happen any time of day. Yes, you guessed right, this is yet another side effect of fluctuating hormones. While feeling sick during what’s usually a joyful time in your life is exhausting, it’ll hopefully lessen sooner than you expect. There are coping mechanisms and medical interventions that may help.

Your doctor may prescribe anti nausea medicines that are safe to take while pregnant if you’re struggling. Some women find over-the-counter remedies such as peppermint tea or ginger candies helpful. If you’re excessively vomiting, you should seek emergency care as you may be experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that can cause other health issues. If you think you may have hyperemesis, your doctor or a hospital can give you medications, usually intravenously, to help you feel less sick and keep you from getting dehydrated. Unfortunately, nausea can sometimes occur throughout your pregnancy, but medical treatments can help you feel better.

While pregnancy comes with some less-than-thrilling side effects, generally, you can cope because of medical help, remedies and the thought of a healthy baby at the end. These are just a few of the symptoms you may experience, and your doctor should always be your best source of information during this new adventure.

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