Why Do Businesses Need Thank You Cards?

In this digital era, you would be forgiven for thinking thank you cards are not only a thing of the past but are also irrelevant to the success of today’s businesses. But to quote Steve Jobs, “success is in the details.” A thank you card may be just the thing your business needs to propel it to success.

Customer satisfaction is everything.It’s an essential part of business today, no matter your industry or niche. While they might not be as popular as standard marketing emails these days, a thank you card tells customers they’re valuable to you – increasing satisfaction rates and sales.

why do businesses need thank you cards

Why Do Businesses Need Thank You Cards?

Read on to find out more about how powerful a thank you card is; why businesses should use them; and, how they can create a more significant impact than you might think. We’re proving why businesses need thank you cards.

Returning Customers

Believe it or not, thank you cards add to customer lifetime value and turn many new customers into returning customers. This is the goal of every business as it costs a lot more to gain a new customer. Therefore, many business owners are looking for a way to turn one-time consumers into regular customers. And while enticing them with offers is certainly one way to go, a thank you card can be effective and much more straightforward.

Encourage brand recognition

Just the simple act of sending a thank you card encourages brand recognition. This leads to potential growth. Thank-you cards are a great way to show just how thoughtful and caring your business is. Showing your customers you care can lead to positive word-of-mouth endorsement. Make your brand even more recognizable by purchasing gratitude decks of cards in bulk. Add your business logo, name, and branding to them. Lastly, don’t include business cards or brochures with your cards – this will dilute the messaging and make you and your business seem insincere.

Develop Personal Connections

With more businesses being launched than ever, entrepreneurs need to stand out from the competition! Taking the time to thank your clients will set you apart from the rest, showing an extra level of care over those who only send an email. Think about your message and tone of voice. Add personal elements to tailor your communication to your customers and develop an emotional connection. With digitalization being the new norm, sending a handwritten card makes you different and demonstrates that you have a genuine appreciation for your customers’ business.

Show Your Customers Appreciation

Consumers have more options than ever, bringing intense competition between businesses. It’s essential to have repeat customers. Thank-you cards can make customers feel appreciated and help develop your relationship. This is crucial to keep current customers coming back while also inadvertently helping to attract new ones via referrals. By giving the card to customers, you show they’re valued and truly matter.

Encourages Social Media Growth

While you might not think a traditional card and social media have much in common, you can use thank you cards as part of your social media growth strategy. To grow your reach and make yourself visible to more consumers, try adding additional messages to your card:

“Please tag us on social media! “

This is an excellent way to make your offers, products, and services more widely known and develop your brand’s awareness – and it’s all with the help of your customers.

Your Customers Won’t Throw it Away

Let’s face it – unless it is a standout piece of marketing, many people throw away promotional:

  • leaflets
  • posters
  • emails
  • brochures

without giving it a second thought. But while your clients may disregard many promotional tools, they’re much less likely to throw away a thank you card that has been personalized just for them and has sentimental value.

Wrapping up

While there is no denying that writing personalized thank you cards require more effort and time to create and write than standardized promotional emails, this extra time and effort won’t go unnoticed by your customers. If anything, it will speak volumes that you took the time from your busy day running your business to write a note of gratitude just for them.

Thank you cards not only show your customers that you appreciate them, but they are also great tools for developing personal connections with consumers, encouraging social media growth, and encouraging brand recognition. Not only that, but customers are much less likely to throw them away, making them perfect for organic marketing via word-of-mouth.

However, perhaps most importantly, they provide a significant increase in customer retention, leaving you with what every business dreams about – loyal consumers.

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