Why You Should Let Your Kids Have a Dog

Living with a family dog can have a positive effect on children’s emotional intelligence and their health. While much effort, patience, and time are required for pet ownership, the payoff is the unconditional love a dog will bring into your life and home. Come on, let your kids have a dog.

Why you should let your kids have a dog

Why you should let your kids have a dog

Not convinced yet? Give us a few minutes to convince you.

Less stress

Both your dog and child will enjoy lowered cortisol levels, just by rubbing or petting the pet. Your kid’s new barking buddy will also elevate your child’s mood and calm his mind, thanks to increased dopamine and serotonin levels when playing together.

Children struggling with reading in front of others have gained confidence, and exhibit less anxiety reading aloud to their pets. Autistic children living with a service animal have shown improved behavior.

Helps combat childhood obesity

Studies have proven that people who own dogs are more active than people without them. If you’ve been concerned that your child spends too much time on their phone, tablet, or computer, having a dog around should help to splice into that screen-time.

Dogs make great fitness accomplices who’ll share the health benefits of physical activity with you. Acclimating your child to a more active lifestyle has lifelong advantages. Bringing home some energetic Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies will give your family years of smiles and effortless exercise.

Encourages responsibility in the children

Your new pet will become your child’s subconscious lesson in dependability and responsibility. They’ll learn the struggles of caring for another living being.

You’ll beam with joy watching them take initiative when tackling the dog’s grooming, meals, walks, etc. Caring for the dog will also teach them what it’s like being in charge, helping to develop their leadership skills.

A furry friend helps prevent loneliness

Depression diagnoses is on the rise in kids. Studies have shown that owning a dog can pick up their spirits.

If your child has had a bad day at school, a four-legged, tail-wagging, nonjudgmental greeter will bring a smile to her face. You’ll always feel loved and wanted in the presence of your dog.

This ever-willing playmate can also help your child boost their self-esteem and improve impulse control. If you have an only child, they often will view the animal as their sibling. They’ll learn how to respect another living being and share space and the family’s attention.

The dog may easily become their best friend, always around to lend an ear, regardless of weather or time of day.

Builds the immune system

Kids with dogs have a higher likelihood of being healthier. Growing up with a barking bestie decreases the risk of asthma and allergies by around 50%. Babies with a dog in the home during their first year of life have 33% fewer respiratory infections than those who don’t.

Dog ownership may help your entire household avert developing heart disease, claims the American Heart Association. This is because you all will go on walks with your dog, thus strengthening your bond with the pooch. The added exercise and decreased stress are good for your heart.

May provide protection

Thwart thieves by having a dog! Bandits are less likely to burglarize a home that has a dog. Fears of the canine alerting their owner or attacking them may keep the thieves at bay.

Dogs are great protection because they’re light sleepers, always on guard, and will happily defend the home against intruders. They’re especially protective of small children. A dog can also be trained to alert its owner if there are harmful allergens or substances present.

Your family’s lifestyle is important to bring up to the breeder when choosing your child’s dog to assure you to select one who’s best for the entire family.

While opening your home to a dog is one of the most gratifying things you can do for you and your children’s health, don’t forget to monitor their interactions with the dog and inform the kids of how to read dog body language.

About the Writer: Tarah Mills has always had a passion for writing. Her philosophy is that not only can writing be educational, but it can change the world. While dedicated to her work, she still enjoys: a good game of basketball, curling up to a good book, and all things Star Wars. She currently resides in the Richmond, Virginia area with her family.

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