When to Consider Working with a Genetic Counselor

Does your family have genetic disorders in its bloodline? It can be scary thinking you might have these disorders, or can pass them to your child. A genetic counselor can be a great resource in helping you better understand the genetic disorder. 

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When should you work with a genetic counselor

Here are a few reasons you should consider working with a genetic counselor if your family has a history of a genetic disorder.

You Are Thinking About Getting Pregnant

If you know there’s a possibility of your child inheriting the genes for a certain condition, you might think having kids isn’t a good idea. A genetic condition doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, have kids. If you’re thinking of getting pregnant, a genetic counselor can help put everything into perspective. You may also discover the risk factor for pregnancy complications such as:

  • multiple miscarriages
  • stillbirths
  • infertility

However, it’s better to have this information up front so you can physically and emotionally prepare yourself

When You Are Pregnant

If you’re experiencing any pregnancy issues, it could be a sign your baby is susceptible to genetic disorders. Genetic counselors or tests, like those from MTHFRdoctors.com, can help you detect pregnancy issues. They can also alert you of any additional testing that should be done due to a higher genetic risk. 

You Have a Child with a Genetic Disorder

If you’ve given birth to a child with a genetic disorder, it can be tough to manage sometimes. Genetic counselors can assist you in understanding the disorder and providing manageable solutions for day to day life. Your genetic counselor will also be able to provide you with helpful resources!

Resources such as support groups that can assist in keeping a positive mental health state for your child and you. The counselor can share additional information, such as any further risks of future children having the disorder.

You’ve Been Diagnosed with a Genetic Disorder

If you have a newly diagnosed genetic disorder, it makes total sense to want to learn more about the disorder. Things like cardiovascular disease, cancer, psychiatric, and other similar conditions are a great time to start talking with a genetic counselor.

A genetic counselor is a resource that can help you understand various problems with genetic disorders. From what your risk factor is to how to manage your genetic disorder, these counselors can assist you with many things. If you’re experiencing any of the four situations above, consider talking with a genetic counselor to learn more.

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