You think you don’t need waterproof PeapodMats, but you do

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.It doesn’t matter if your kids are potty trained. It doesn’t matter if your kids don’t have night time accidents. You think you don’t need waterproof PeapodMats, but I’m here to tell you, you do need these fluidproof beauties. Believe it.

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You think you don’t need waterproof PeapodMats, but you do

Little Miss and The Boy have been potty trained for years. However, BOTH of them sleep like logs. Bombs could go off, fire alarms could sound, and an army could come through our house, while both of them sleep and neither one wakes up. I have to be honest, after hearing so many moms complain about how they have to tip toe around the house so their kids sleep, I’m kind of glad the kids sleep so soundly. It’s only an issue when they are so exhausted, they “forget” to wake up when their bladders need to empty out.

Listen, will she kill me when she’s older and finds out I shared the fact that she had night time accidents once in a while, I’m sure she will. I like to think of it as more information she can share with her therapist when she’s an adult, so she can really get the most from her one-hour sessions! I kid, I kid. Well, not really. She won’t love that I shared this information, however there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. It happens to everyone. Pregnant ladies can understand, right? It’s something people don’t discuss, but it’s happening everywhere.

Little Miss gets exhausted. She’s got a very full schedule, especially on certain Fridays. After a full day of school, there are certain Friday nights she practices lacrosse for two hours straight. When she comes home, she can barely eat dinner, and it’s late when she does get home. Of course, she’s drinking water late into the evening, and after almost falling asleep in her dinner, she just goes to bed without even a goodnight to all of us. The Boy will go looking for her, send us into a panic because we can’t find her in the house, until one of us remembers: It’s lacrosse Friday, she’s sleeping already. Sure enough, check her bed, and she’s out cold. There’s no seeing her until Saturday morning, when she gets up for Jiu Jitsu!

you think you don't need waterproof peapodmats, but you do #peapodmats #waterproofpad

Lacrosse Fridays are when I pay homage to our PeapodMats

I’m never more thankful for our PeapodMats than on lacrosse Fridays. I worship her little pink, mattress protector pad. Thankfully, it’s a dark pink, because we all know light pink just isn’t welcome in this house! Although, with how awesome these pads are, I would consider a light pink. CONSIDER. The Boy has blue, and there’s also red, or gray ones. All the colors are rich, and really beautiful. Even her dark pink one!

Lacrosse Fridays mean Little Miss will end up having an accident. It’s just how it works. The beauty of the waterproof PeapodMats is that NOTHING gets through them. Little Miss can pull it off her bed, clean herself up, get changed and go back to bed without worrying about finding a spot on the couch, because the last thing this mom is doing at one in the morning is changing sheets.

A full bladder’s worth of fluid released onto PeapodMats, and nothing leaks through onto her sheets. Now you understand why I worship the mat.

Little Miss loves how soft the terry cloth is when she’s sleeping on it. I love all the super absorbancy fibers in the middle that soak up all the “fluid.” Plus, it’s not plastic, so when you wash it, and put it in the dryer, it doesn’t melt. Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP? I thought so!

The Boy? He’s a mover and shaker in his bed. He ends up in the strangest positions, and no matter how many “pads” we’ve tried, they always end up moving and he leaks all over the bed anyway. The pad is dry, because look at that, it’s in a ball at the bottom of his feet, instead of under him where it’s supposed to be. It hasn’t been an issue since he’s had his blue PeapodMats on his bed! Instead of washing his sheets almost daily, it’s back to weekly. Or every other week. Noooo, I’m not that kind of mother….. anyway…..

Summers will be a lot more fun with PeapodMats

Magenta and Little Blue, yes we’ve named our PeapodMats, will be going on trips this summer. Believe it. When the kids spend days at my parents’ house over the summer, they never want to do anything but swim in the pool. When we call them to eat, it’s a production. Why? Sitting on material chairs, getting them soaked, because towels don’t help keep seats dry.

Magenta and Little Blue? They’ll be what these kids will be sitting on, so they don’t have to do any drying off, and can just sit down and eat. Even better? Beach days!!! Guess what the worst part about the beach is? Well, yes, the sand, but the second worst thing about the beach? Wet bathing suits being taken off in those disgusting bathrooms, so the kids can put clothes on so they don’t get the seats in the car wet. Our summers just brought a whole new level of peace in our family dynamic. Far less yelling will happen in those bathroom stalls of hell. Get out of the ocean, gather everything up, and hop right in the car! I’m so excited I could piddle.

Which might mean I might have to get the gray one for myself, so I can protect my office chair from my excited piddling episodes!

The Pug and PeapodMats

waterproof peapodmats #waterproof #pottytraining

Now, the sad use for our PeapodMats. My pug is older. He’ll be 16 this year, and he suffers from seizures. It’s upsetting, and lasts just for a few seconds. However, at the end of the seizure, he pees. He can’t help it. Have you ever tried to clean a dog bed in the washing machine? It basically never gets clean. The PeapodMats are so soft, and comfy, they can be used in his bed to keep it protected when I can’t grab him fast enough, to get him out of his bed and onto a tile floor.

It’s been less stressful for me having this waterproof mat for The Pug. I’ll be buying another one, just to have for car rides, too. So if you think you don’t need PeapodMats, you’re so wrong. You’re thinking it’s just for bed time accidents, and they’ve got so many other applications! Find out more, and order some of your own, on www.peapodmats.com!

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