Zooming with my Zoombucks makes me happy



Budgets make me angry. They do. It’s the worst part of the new year. Sitting down to portion out how much we can spend on the things we need, the things we love, and the things we desire. How do you do that without being totally annoyed that you even have to do it? I haven’t figured that part out yet.

Here’s what I’ve figured out about Budgets

Budgets SUCK. They drain the life out of you. They make you want to cry. HOWEVER, if you can have the luxury of placing a ZERO in an area of your budget, wouldn’t it be great? Well zooming with my Zoombucks makes me happy, because it’s one of the ways I can place a big, fat, juicy ZERO in our gift giving section of our budget. Which means we can take the cash we normally spend there, and put it towards fun stuff, like an actual vacation. We did that for our Disney Cruise trip in 2012. It wasn’t the best trip, but at least we were able to take our first family vacation together, right?

Zoombucks is easy and fast

Using Zoombucks is crazy easy. First you have to sign up, which is easy to do. Head to my link, so you can be a part of my community –> Zooming with my Zoombucks

Once you’re signed up there are at on of ways to earn points. Watching videos, answering surveys, free offers, tasks, playing games, and shopping. You can win Zoombucks, too. I get one each day for visiting the offer wall. Sometimes you can win some when you visit the ZDaily homepage. There’s coupons to use and earn with, as well as doing internet searches, and other fun games like Picking a Number.

My favorite way to earn is by referring people. They allow you to refer as many people as you want to refer, and you can earn 10% of their points FOREVER. There’s no cap on this site. Plus, they provide a great guide on how to get referrals. You don’t have to have a website to refer people. You just need to be able to get your referral link into the hands of others.

After you sign up, head to the REFER tab at the top of the page, it’s got all your referral links, banners, ways to chat with your referrals!

Redeeming the points for great items

Once you’ve earned your points, you can start shopping around to redeem the points for things like PayPal Cash, Amazon.com gift cards, and so much more. Gift giving just got a lot more FREE, and your budget has a new ZERO in one of its categories! Take that cash, and spend it someplace else, OR save it.

It’s time to start earning, so you can truly embrace your budget, and not cry over the fact that you can’t afford to ENJOY the paycheck you’ve been earning!

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