10 adventurous ways to celebrate with friends after Covid 19

As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.” Right now, Covid-19 has locked all of us down. However, this pandemic will soon be a thing of the past and we’ll all want to celebrate. So while staying home to flatten the curve, why don’t we spend time planning on how to celebrate with friends after Covid 19?

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How are we all going to celebrate with friends after Covid 19? Let’s find some ways!

Here are 10 adventurous ways you can celebrate with your friends again.

Go to a music festival

After social distancing, it would be fun to dance along with a couple of hundred thousand people. The great thing about a music festival is the variety of music. There will likely be a musical act that all of your friends will like. Every region of the country has a big music festival. Chances are, you are no more than two-hour drive from a big festival.

Take a road trip

You’ll want to get out and see the world after these lockdown weeks or months. You and your friends can find a highway and hit all the great destinations along the way. You’ll discover surprises along the way.

Go river tubing

Wanna do something really unique? Try river tubing in Southern California! You and your friends can tackle the water and have fun in a laid back environment. Rubber tubing is safe and easy enough for just about anyone to enjoy.

Take everyone to an exotic location

Why don’t you and your friends simply throw a dart on a map and go there? Who knows where you may end up! You can travel to some exotic island or simply see a part of the world that you’ve never heard of before. Either way, you will create some really unique memories that will last a lifetime.

Organize a car rally

If you are into cars, then you and your friends can rent some exotic vehicles and go on a road rally. You can take convertibles up and down the coast or simply hit the mountains in some giant SUV.

Take a hot air balloon ride

Want to fly without an airplane? Then you’ll want to check out the fun you can have in a hot air balloon ride. Experience what it’s like to float hundreds of feet in the air in complete tranquility. It’s certainly a unique one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Parachute out of an airplane

Okay, well how about screaming through the air in terminal velocity? You and your friends can go on a parachute jump. Don’t worry. Most jump companies offer tandem parachuting so you don’t need any experience.

Take a boating trip

After staying in your house for so long, you may want to hit the open water. Whether you live near the ocean or a lake, you can rent a boat and have a good time with your friends. You can rent anything from a flat bottom boat to an ocean-going yacht. When it comes to boating, the possibilities are endless.

Ride dune buggies through the desert

Wanna do something really wild? How about renting some dune buggies and hitting the desert dunes without any abandon? If you live near the desert, chances are there is a dune buggy rental company nearby. All you need is a driver’s license and the willingness to have a great adventure in the desert.

Visit Las Vegas

Why not take your friends to the ultimate adventure destination? Las Vegas is always ready to party. In Sin City, you can do everything from gambling to hitting the night clubs to seeing a great show. Remember, anything goes in Vegas so be sure to use your imagination.

Let’s get ready to have some fun

Covid 19 may have taken over our lives. However, it won’t stop us from having fun when the pandemic is over. Be sure to make plans with your friends when the lockdown is over. Check out the list above and see which activities appeal to you and your friends. There’s a good chance you will go on more than one great adventure soon.

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