10 fashion trends to follow for a more natural and beautiful style

Picture of people with excess makeup, and cosmetic surgeries gone wrong fill the internet. Now’s the time to do something different, more natural, and embrace new fashion trends that are subtle, but sexy. Let’s delve into 10 fashion trends to follow for a more natural and beautiful style.

10 fashion trends to follow for a more natural and beautiful style

Perfect Hair

If you want to have the most perfect, and well kept hair, that looks like you did nothing at all to it, you have to make sure that its condition, quality and color are flawless. If you choose to dye your hair, you should opt for more subtle, and realistic colors. You know, ones close to your natural shade. Also, the colors have to be of high quality, and not too damaging for your hair. However, the best thing you can do to achieve the perfect natural look, is to grow your hair without any coloring.

10 fashion trends to follow providing more natural & beautiful style

Nail Art

Well-trimmed, and preserved, natural nails are always welcome in fashion, but you can decorate them a little to go along with the fashion trends to follow in 2016. Subtle colors, and patterns, have found a way back to beauty trends. Embrace the art, but try avoiding any unsettling things, such as, furry nails. This year you can opt for some colorful stripes, updated or simple French tips, and your favorite simple colors with a touch of glitter. Forget about coffin and bubble nails, be modest, and embrace the natural beauty of your nails.

Bold Lips

Bold lipsticks are old news, but this year it’s all about different colors. Leave your shades of cobalt blue, and black, at home! Embrace softer colors, such as deep burgundy, pink, crimson, and trendy shades of nude. After applying this year’s favorite, add a finishing touch with a pat of blush on the lips for a perfect matte look.

Smoky Eyes

Sexy, smoky eyes are one of those timeless trends that are there to stick for a while. Since this year we’re embracing neutral tones, you should tone down the shades of your smoky eyes, but still look sexy, and seductive.

Shades of Blue

The color blue is this year’s favorite color for eye shadowing. Use subtle glittery lines on your eyelids, apply some ocean blue mascara or emphasize your eyes by achieving messy blue eye makeup, and stand out in the crowd. However, since this color can easily catch the eye, make sure not to overdo it. There’s a fine line between trendy, and tacky.

Fashion Trend Shades of Blue

Healthy Youthful Skin

Nobody tires of flawless, and healthy skin, especially if it’s wrinkle-free. Along with embracing the natural tones of makeup, you should work on the quality of your skin. Start using natural scrubs, and cleansers, to exfoliate your face properly. Moisturize after you cleanse, and practice a little bit of face yoga. Sounds crazy, however your face will look young, and fresh. However, if some of the home remedies are not working for you, you can always take a trip to your facial rejuvenation clinic and get your flawless skin in no time.

Comfy Mule

These comfortable, but stylish shoes go well with anything. You can go for a flat, or a heel; snakeskin, or suede; or any other patterns and forms. Just give this trend a chance. You can pair them with jeans, and a leather jacket, or even with a pencil skirt, and blazer, for a casual day at work.

Bomber Jackets

Recently, bomber jackets have made their way back to the world of fashion, but this year they are coming in unusual, and fresh colors, and silhouettes. There are some oversized, or embroidered, styles of this jacket. You can pair them with some laced boots, black jeans, and a bold clutch. Also, you can wear them with nearly anything from shorts to dresses.

Fashion trends for spring style

Statement Bags

When it comes to bags, in 2016 the crazier the better rule applies. Be bold, and go for oversized purses with some fun tassels, or even a furry clutch. Stop playing it safe with neutral, or black and white bags, when you can make a statement with a creative, and unusual bag, that is perfect for casual outfits.

Exposed Shoulders

The long winter has passed. It’s time to show those gorgeous collarbones, and shoulders. Whether you are wearing a shirt, or a dress, show off your shoulders! Make your style fresh, and fun. To spice things up a bit, you can opt for some bold prints, and bright colors. Heck, go all out and make a statement with an oversized necklace.

In 2016, natural tones, and shades, have found their way to the top of the list. You should embrace them, and only emphasize what you’ve already got, but don’t be afraid to go wild with some accessories, or to change some of your boring pieces of clothing.

About the author, Elise: I am a passionate writer, extreme sports fan and health and fitness enthusiast.

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