24 01, 2023

Solo Trip Travel Essentials List

By | 2023-01-24T10:07:40-05:00 January 24, 2023|Travel|0 Comments

When you travel alone there are specific items you need that many solo trip travel newbies may not realize they need. As someone who started taking solo trips many years ago, I have to learn the hard way. I'd prefer my fellow thrivers out there don't have to figure this shit out alone! Let's dig [...]

23 01, 2023

Seasonal Affective Disorder: How To Combat The Winter Blues

By | 2023-01-23T15:27:16-05:00 January 23, 2023|Depression & Mental Health|0 Comments

You may have felt it at some point — that little flutter of sadness that comes with the changing of the seasons. You also may have experienced the feeling that comes when you realize it’ll be dark both when you go to work and when you come home for the next few months. Perhaps you've [...]