4 Affordable Garage Upgrades to Surprise Dad This Christmas

With the holidays a few weeks away, many families wonder how to wow their loved ones with gifts they’ll truly appreciate. If you’re not sure what to get your dad this holiday season, consider affordable garage upgrades in your family garage. A few DIY projects and some new furniture can completely transform a garage. 

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4 affordable garage upgrades

Consider the following cost-effective ideas for upgrading the family garage.

Add DIY Tool Storage

Finding storage space for tools in their garage is a common problem most homeowners face. Tools like:

  • hammers
  • wrenches
  • drills
  • table saws

end up strewn around garages if there’s no appropriate storage place to keep them. If you’re ready to transform your garage with a few DIY storage suggestions, there are several quick organization projects anyone can try.

Consider taking advantage of wall space by hanging as many items as possible. Install shelves to store bins, racks to hold taller tools like rakes and shovels, and a pegboard for smaller items like screwdrivers and pliers.

Coat the Floor with Epoxy

Most flooring in garages can become a bit of an eyesore. Whether it’s dirty from spilled paint and stains or simply scuffed up from years of use, a dull garage floor will make any garage seem unattractive. When gifting your dad the gift of a garage makeover, think about hiring someone to seal the floor with a garage floor epoxy. With a newly finished floor, the garage will be easier to clean and will be a stunning addition to a freshly organized room.

Install a Workbench

Even with a well-kept garage, completing projects can be a hassle without the proper furniture to do so. To give your dad the gift of a ready-to-use garage, put in a workbench. Whether you build it yourself or invest in a top-of-the-line model, a workbench will make it easier for anyone to get to work on their next construction project.

Eliminate All Clutter

Unfortunately, garages often become a catch-all for all the unwanted and unused items in the house. To really make this room shine, be sure to eliminate all clutter throughout the garage. This includes:

  • giving away items that are no longer used
  • throwing away broken furniture or tools
  • finding a home for anything else you hope to store in the garage

With a well-organized and clutter-free garage, your dad won’t be able to resist starting his next project as soon as possible.

A clean and newly upgraded garage is the perfect gift to give any father this holiday season. Keep these four suggestions in mind as you decide on the best gift idea this year.

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