Family Vacation Planning Tips to ensure it’s the best one yet

There are few things better in this world than a great family vacation. However, they don’t come around nearly as often as we’d like. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get the most out of your trip. Granted, a family vacation is what you make of it, nevertheless, there are a number of preparations that can be made to ensure the best trip imaginable.

family vacation planning tips

Family vacation planning tips

Here are my four killer family vacation planning tips to ensure your next family vacation is the best one yet. If you follow my simple tips, I can’t guarantee it’ll be a vacation that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come, but I sure hope it’s the case!

Choose Destination

The first question that any family vacation planner ever asks is “where shall we go?” and it’s a vital aspect. While it’s up to your family to make the most of a destination, it will still form the foundation of everything you do during the trip. There are a number of great holiday destinations aimed at family fun. Finding one that caters to children, and adults, is a must. After all, you deserve to enjoy the vacation, too. Perhaps, even your husband should have some fun, as well. Things to look for when planning your family trip: great attractions, and unique experiences, that offer a break from the norm. Good weather isn’t a bad factor either.


Organizing your luggage might not feel like an overly important aspect of the trip. After all, you just need a few outfits, and you’ll be fine, right? Yeah, right. Have you met my daughter? Fashionista in the making! It’s imperative to have the right clothes for your specific trip, and if you’ve got a Little Miss of your own, VARIETY in those outfits. Arguably the most significant thing to remember is appropriate footwear. Meanwhile, it’s equally vital you pack any toiletries, and medical equipment, you may need. We never leave home without our children’s pain killers, or fever fighters. You just never know! Plus lots of band-aids.

Packing is a chore, but you should see it as an opportunity to build the excitement ahead of your trip. Besides, shopping for new outfits is one of the most fulfilling parts of the entire vacation preparation. Especially if you can’t find most of your stuff in a house still overcrowded from a flood. It’s just obvious a few new things for Mama Sunflower will have to make it into the luggage.


Good accommodation is crucial for any decent vacation. However, it plays an integral role when traveling with young children. Quite frankly, no one deserves staying in dingy and uncomfortable hotels. At least that’s what I like to tell the hubby, so we can be sure to book a decent hotel room! A great hotel room can offer great luxury, but can feel cramped. Alternatively, putting the kids in a separate room can be a little scary. Opting for an apartment offers privacy, and space. It’s often the best choice for family trips. Visit Housetrip.comfor more information.

The accommodation might be nothing more than a place to sleep. But believe me, getting this aspect right will make the vacation better. If you’ve got someone in the family that snores, you’ll be thanking me for suggesting you not stay in ONE ROOM. Believe it. I’ve lived it. Doing one room means a less than fun vacation with Mama Sunflower sleep deprived, snapping at everyone.


If there’s one factor that many parents forget to consider properly, it has to be the travel aspects. It’s never going to be the best part of the vacation, but making it more bearable will save a lot of stress, and hassle.Preparing for a long flight with children is a must. Moreover, you will probably benefit from traveling straight to the city of your destination. There’s nothing more annoying than arriving at an airport to then find you’ve got a four-hour coach journey too. Or, you have a delayed, or canceled, connecting flight instead of a brief layover, as originally planned. Let’s face it, if the outward journey is a nightmare, then the return will play on your mind throughout the ENTIRE family vacation. Avoid letting this become an issue, and you’ll feel far better for it.

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