5 Amazing Outdoor Activities for Your Next Vacation

Vacations may be for relaxing, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up indoors staring at the walls of your hotel room. To make the best of your time off work, why not venture to the great outdoors and experience amazing outdoor activities!

amazing outdoor activities

5 Amazing Outdoor Activities for Your Next Vacation

Here are five adventurous outdoor activities you should try on your next getaway.

Experience Local Wildlife

Your next vacation offers a rare opportunity to observe any local fauna you don’t have back home. The exact options will depend on what’s available nearby. In the Caribbean, you can swim with stingrays or feed a colorful array of parrots. In the American Southwest, you may have opportunities to tour a bat cave or spot bears in a national forest. Birdwatching is an activity you can perform in any location, city, or country. All you need is a pair of binoculars!

Take an ATV Tour

Short for “all-terrain vehicle,” ATVs can be driven virtually anywhere, from the sand dunes of the high desert to the rugged trails of the forest. They are also fun for the whole family, including your kids. Taking them on camping trips in the mountains or in the canyons will make the experience unforgettable. With this in mind, an ATV tour can be a speedy, entertaining way to take in the landscape. Don’t forget to bring face shields, face masks, goggles, and other protective gear to keep the dirt away.


If you want to take in the scenery and catch some lunch at the same time, fishing is the perfect activity for you. Once again, your options depend on what’s available in the local area. A deep sea fishing excursion can net you specimens like tuna, calamari, and crab. Meanwhile, an all-inclusive Alaska fly fishing trip in a fast-moving river is an exhilarating way to pass the time while angling for some trout or salmon.

Zip Lining

In recent years, zip lining has grown in popularity as a favored vacation activity. Imagine soaring at high speeds through the rainforest canopy, between cliff faces, or off the roof of a skyscraper. Typically, you’d zip down the line seated in a harness or in the prone position. Relatively safe and accessible, this activity is a good choice for burning an hour or two without committing an entire day to make an outdoor excursion.

Rent a Bicycle

More personal than a car but more convenient than hoofing it, a leisurely bike ride allows you to take in the sights while getting a little exercise at the same time. Many large cities now offer bicycle-sharing programs that you can access with an app on your phone. If that’s not available, most tourist locales will likely have a bike shop willing to rent bicycles by the hour.

These are only a few of the options your family can try in order to get out and get moving. For your next vacation, make a point to step outside, commune with nature, and make memories with an outdoor adventure.

About the Writer: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

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