5 Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Italian families are over-cookers. It’s what we do. When we have two guests coming over, we cook for 10. Food is our love language, and we have no idea how to prepare the proper amount of food, including side dishes, for any kind of gathering. As a result, we end up with a ton of leftovers. Leftovers we never know what the hell to do with. After the gathering, the leftovers end up reheated and served up again for the next five days, and then everyone is so over it all that the rest goes in the trash.

best thanksgiving leftover recipes

Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

But what if you could transform your leftovers into unique recipes so all of the extras end up eaten, and never go to waste? It is possible! Check out the best Thanksgiving leftover recipes from around the internet right here in one simple list.

Italian Turkey Kale Soup

We’re an odd little family that enjoys kale, and believe food truly does heal the body. Well, my daughter and I enjoy kale. The Boy, not so much. Little Miss and I found the best Turkey Kale Soup in the world!!! Now, the recipe calls for ground turkey. However, you can easily use leftover turkey to replace ground turkey. Just follow the recipe, omitting the ground turkey instructions. Once the veggies and broth are cooked and heated through, you can add the cooked leftover turkey and kale to heat that through, and then enjoy your Turkey Kale Soup.

Dad’s Turkey Pot Pie

I’m a sucker for a pie crust. Flakey, delicious pot pie crusts are what dreams are made of. If you’re a fan of peas, carrots, onions, and delicious food…. you’ll love Dad’s Turkey Pot Pie on allrecipes.com.

Turkey Tetrazzini

Really not a fan of canned condensed soups. I tend to make cream of mushroom soup from scratch, and substitute mine whenever a recipe calls for a canned version. Other than that, this Turkey Tetrazzini is a creamy, dreamy dish you’ll love!

Turkey and Biscuits Casserole

I’ll tell you this: we never have biscuits leftover. For this recipe, we always have to make fresh biscuits, from scratch, and use the leftover turkey in the Turkey and Biscuits Casserole! The good thing about this recipe share? It has a biscuit recipe with it so you can take the plunge into scratch baking. If not, grab some canned biscuits to save time. Whatever works for you!

Turkey Tacos

We normally make Turkey Tacos with ground turkey. However, it’s easy to swap cubed leftover turkey for ground turkey! Just add it at the end to heat it through, so it doesn’t become dried out!

Whether you have leftover turkey at Thanksgiving, or another holiday celebration, these dishes are perfect for anyone to enjoy. And you can make all of them with ground turkey, no leftovers needed! Enjoy the holidays everyone.

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