6 best trees for low maintenance gardening

People are busy, and maintaining a garden can take a lot of work. Did you know there’s a way to keep the maintenance down? The six best trees for low maintenance gardening are the perfect answer to your gardening dreams! When it comes to making sustainable living choices, plant life species that require minimum watering, care; as well as pruning, are fantastic choices. Many of these will be a good way to make your garden use non-native, and non-invasive plant species. It will take some research, but it’ll be worth it.

low maintenance gardening

6 best trees for low maintenance gardening

Again, we’ve all got busy schedules nowadays. It’s prudent to find low maintenance solutions for your specific needs, as planting and taking care of your garden with perfect choices, will free up the time you need for your other pursuits. Specific examples of trees you can use for low maintenance gardening solutions, look no further than the following:

River Birch

This is a nice, and resistant tree, which can weather the birch leaf miner, bronze birch borer bug and more that happen to be a real plague for white birch. If you have a plant that is in moist soil, you will see it grow fairly fast as time goes by, even without extensive gardening effort on your part.

White Fringe Tree

One of the more underused tree species is the white fringe tree. It happens to be one of those trees you can adapt to a lot of conditions, and soil types, without too much care. It will bloom with beautiful white, fragrant flowers that bloom from June to September, attracting birds. If you plan on planting fruit bearing trees, you might want to reconsider the White fringe tree, though. The birds attracted with this tree, will be a nightmare for your fruit trees!

Pagoda Dogwoods

A lower branched tree, Pagoda dogwood, thrives on more acidic ranges of soil types, and enjoys partial cool shade, as well. It has some fragrant, and very pleasant yellow flowers, that bloom from May to June. Pagoda dogwoods are an interesting solution for landscaping if you have the space to use them.

Japanese Stewartia

This is a non-native plant with strong disease resistance, which makes them an awesome gardening and landscaping addition to any home. They will grow to about 40 inches in most cases, with excellent looking white flowers blooming from June to July, exfoliating bark and an aesthetic look that would be a good choice for any home.

Kousa Dogwoods

A Kousa dogwood is a good alternative to white dogwoods. They’re one of the more sturdy plants that happen to be resistant to anthracnose fungus, with great looking white flowers, and fruits, that resemble raspberries. It’ll give your garden a good looking twist. They can also become quite colorful during the autumn season, making the garden into something truly memorable.

Paperbark Maple

This plant is native to China, and grows very well in moist soil with partial shade covering it. It’s one that grows slowly, and needs no care to survive in almost all cases. Scarlet foliage adorns it during the autumn season, making it a good solution for a gorgeous garden.

About the Writer: Ella A. is writer, and blogger, with great flair for flowers, and flower decoration. She focuses on writing the best possible way, and constantly searches for new sources of inspiration. Presently she focuses on gardening, and landscaping projects.

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  1. Laurie June 17, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    I don’t have a lot of time, but like for my yard to look good. Low maintenance trees and other plants are the best options for me. Great list, thanks for sharing!

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