7 Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for families

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Let’s just start by making something super clear: I’m not a Halloween lover. It’s never been my thing. When I was a kid, my mother dressed me up and I do believe I cried almost every year. In every photo I was the cowgirl crying, or the Raggedy Annie crying. My kids? They love Halloween. Dressing up is fun for them, and Trick-or-Treating is a source of total joy to them. I dread it! However, I do know a lot of families “theme it all out,” and go all-out for their Halloween fun. These are for you!

7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Families

7 Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for families

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It works for a family of four, or five, or even six. You’ve got the obvious four turtles, but also Splinter and April O’Neil! Heck, want to go bad? Go for Master Shredder! There’s plenty of options for any family. Personally, Splinter has always been a favorite of mine.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Perhaps you’re “big kids,” and love having fun with your siblings on Halloween? Guardians of the Galaxy offers a few options! You can even do a little feminine version of the main character, Star Lord! Get creative. Have fun with it. You know, exactly what I wouldn’t do!

My Little Pony

Did you play with My Little Pony as a little girl? Well, they’re back for the next generation of girls, and boys, to enjoy! There’s options for a mom and her little girls, or a bunch of sisters who want to do something fun! Or, keep it simple and wear simple masks with coordinating outfits/sweatshirts.


Despicable Me

Adults, kids, and everyone on the planet love Gru and all his Minions.


Mom can lead her little ones as the Safari Guide, and dress all the kids and her hubby up as animals like Zebras, Tigers, and even a rhino! Or just all give it a go in safari animal costumes. Whatever works!


I mean, do you really need more convincing? It’s got so many options for multiple family members. How funny would it be to have a gaggle of Gnomes walking around your neighborhood while Trick – or – Treating!

Care Bears

You cannot go wrong with dressing everyone up as Care Bears. Boys, girls, men and women can totally pull off a Care Bears theme. I’d love a little baby dressed like a Care Bear. Or my dog. Mama Sunflower isn’t having any more babies!

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  1. Elle September 26, 2015 at 10:43 am

    I kind of want the Drax the destroyer costume for myself.

  2. Diane @ Philzendia October 2, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, but I’m itching to start dressing up again. If I had to pick a costume from your list, I’d choose the Miss Gnome Costume.

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