7 things to love about summer

What is is about summer that brings out the best in so many people? Perhaps we just crave the sunshine, and longer daylight hours? Maybe it’s just that we get to run around in flip flops, or bare feet? It could just be something simple like enjoying a bbq dinner almost every night.

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7 things to love about summer

Summer is a favorite season for many, and I’m sharing 7 things to love about summer right here, right now, with all of you! I don’t know, perhaps some of you out there don’t love it as much as the rest of us do! You might need more convincing!

Warmer weather means cute sundresses

When you think about summer from a fashion standpoint, you’ll remember how fun it is to slip on a cute sundress. Even a great pair of shorts, and a tank top are fun summer fashions. Less is definitely more when it comes to summer, and I’m all about wearing comfortable dresses I can slip on and wear all day. Once evening hits, if I’ve got something happening at night, I can just spruce the dress up with great jewelry, a light scarf, or a great pair of heels. Ahhhh, summer!

Wearing sandals & flip flops all day

I’m a bare foot kind of girl, however public places require footwear. My footwear of choice in the summer is flip flops, but if I have to be more professional, I choose a killer pair of sandals. Summer is the best season, because it’s so easy to slip on a pair of flip flops, or sandals, and not worry about socks; pantyhose; stockings; etc. I’m also a big fan of showing off my at-home pedicure talents! You know you love having less to wear during summer season!

BBQ Parties (whether you’ve got a pool, or not)

Food. Most of what I think about every, and all, day is food. Best part about the summer season? BBQ parties. It doesn’t matter what kind of BBQ is being served, I’ll eat it. Ribs, burgers, chicken, pork, lamb, veggies – whatever it is, serve me up some and make the plate buckle under the weight of it all. If you’ve never been invited to one, have one! Plan the perfect BBQ party, and invite all your favorite people. They’re super easy to organize, and such fun for entire families. Even if you don’t have a pool, games are fun and throw a sprinkler out to cool off with!

Great food, great music, great beverages and GREAT SUMMER FUN! *If you don’t have a BBQ, just have a backyard party and order in the BBQ. Works just as well!

Family Vacation

Loading up the car, or RV, and taking off for a great family vacation. Kids asking a million times “are we there yet?” When they’re not asking are we there yet, they’re fighting. It’s just part of what summer is, right? <awkward pause> Right?!!!!

Honestly, my kids are great on long car rides. Plenty to entertain them, and rarely do we have issues with lots of questions asking if we’re there yet. We get the millions of questions BEFORE the trip, like “how long until we leave?’ We experienced that for a couple of weeks prior to our Disney World vacation in May. It’s why we haven’t told them about the amazing vacation we’re going to in September, right before school starts. I don’t wish to spend the summer being asked “how much longer until we go to Universal?” It might send me over the edge!

In general, though, family vacations are a bit of fun. Letting go of the work is hard for me, but once I let it go, the fun overshadows the whining, and all that comes with husbands, I mean kids, on vacation. Yes, totally, I meant kids. Absolutely…..

Summer nights being eaten by mosquitoes while sipping on “lemonade”

One year my parents gave us a swing for our deck. It folds out into a bed-type thing, too. (Get your minds out of the gutter, we have nosy neighbors, and would never participate in any kind of outdoor activities on that particular bed.) Anyway, it’s super cute, and I love it on our deck. It’s got a canopy, so the daytime hours can be spent without the sun beating down onto you. However, the canopy can be moved, so at night, you can look up and see the stars.

Summer nights, a great deck, some friends, some “lemonade” for the adults, and all the mosquitoes you could ask for…… it’s a great time. We live near a large body of water, also known as a lake. The mosquitoes seem to be super strength around here, so our evenings are beautiful, but filled with a lot of slapping those bastards before they bite! Lots of fun for everyone. I’m sure most people don’t have this issue, and can enjoy summer nights, sipping lemonade in peace. It’s why I bring it up, so I can remind you all of the fun, while thinking of me slapping myself so mosquitoes don’t eat me alive.

Trips to the beach (with lots of ORGANIC sunblock)

Not only do I live on a lake, but I also live on an island. We’ve got beaches all along our coasts, and the beach is just part of everyone’s summers. Even if you don’t like the beach, you go to the beach. Even if you hate sand in all your nooks and crannies, you go to the beach. If you’re from an island, you go to the beach. It’s just what you do, and while there, you use only ORGANIC sunblock. If you use something else, moms come from all corners of the beach to tell you how terrible the chemicals are in regular sunblocks. It’s a thrilling experience every human being should have to endure needs to have. Believe it.

I’m trying to remember why I love summer, and why these things are on my list of things to love about summer…..

Sleeping in late; no packing snacks or lunches for school

Listen, I love sending the kids to school as much as the next parent. Six hours of workday happens while they are off learning, and enriching their minds. Of course, with Common Core taking over our schools, it’s not really a place for learning and enriching, it’s more a place for test prep, and being bored to death. However, there are a few teachers that still teach, and don’t train kids to take tests. Luckily, I have kids who end up with those teachers. Or I could be insisting on it each year, whatever.

In any event, I love having them with great teachers who teach them during the school year. Right around Spring Break, I remember how nice it is not to have to get up early, pack snacks, pack lunches and worry about who has gym on what days. Summer is a chance to sleep in late, and there’s no stress about packing snacks, or lunches, for school. It’s the WORST thing ever in our house, since my kids hate to eat standard lunch items like sandwiches. It’s easier to make lunch at home over the summer! I yearn for this every year at about the same time. I start to ache for it right after returning the kids once Spring Break has ended.

Summer! It’s all about the “no schedule” way of  life, and that’s my kind of world!

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Why do you love it? Shout out in the comments below.

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  1. Melodi steinberg May 30, 2015 at 10:10 am

    I am all about not making lunches! Can’t wait for that to be over!

    • Staci Gerardi May 30, 2015 at 11:24 am

      Lunches at home are much easier!!! Summer can’t come soon enough!

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