8 Reasons why natural oils are great for your skin

Who remembers I now wash my face with oil? The only time I don’t, is when I test out a skin care line for a brand. As good as most of them are, I just love to return to oil cleansing! Seriously, natural oils are, in general, great for your skin for many reasons. They are available from many sources, and some are a rich source of nutrients, fatty acids, and Vitamin E. Let’s look at all the benefits of natural oils, and hopefully it’ll show you how they can become a part of your skin care routine. So, get yourself ready for a skin detox, and to change the way you use natural oils like sunflower, and rosehip!

8 reasons why natural oils are great for your skin

8 Reasons why natural oils are great for your skin

Before I start, if you plan on using natural oil for skin care purposes, you should check with your doctor to make sure you have no allergies. It’s one thing having a smooth face, but allergic reactions to go with it? Avoid them!

Sebum Mimicry

The term Sebum describes your body’s natural oils. Their production protects your skin, as well as keep it elasticated, and healthy. However, when you wash your face with soap, or gels, your throw your sebum production off-balance – meaning you might end up with dry skin.

Most people use moisturizers, or creams, to replace those natural oils. Some of these contain some of the plant-based oils we’ll be talking about. However, using these natural oils on their own can often be more efficient because they mimic what your sebum does.

A better moisturizer

Most oils are fantastic moisturizers, but also have extra special ‘powers’. For example, sunflower oil is one of the best sources of Vitamin E. It also traps moisture in your cells for much longer, so, it can leave you with hydrated skin for most of the day. You don’t need to wipe it all over your face, though – a few drops in your usual moisturizer will suffice.

Cheaper than moisturizing

When you look at the prices of some of the moisturizers on the market, it’s difficult not to balk. So, why not go directly to the source? Buy the oils yourself? A small bottle will last you a long time, even if the initial price is more. See it as an investment, and you’ll get all the benefits for longer.

Available from a variety of sources

There are lots of sources of natural oils, and each brings its own benefits, along with the sebum mimicry. Coconut oil, Jojoba, and even pomegranate, are all excellent sources of oil that are good for the skin. And, there are some strange sources of oil, too – such as the emu. Check out this link to find out some more uses for emu oil – you might be surprised!

Fights bacteria, inflammation, and aging

Any natural oil that is full of Vitamin E helps the body fight against free radicals. It can also lower roughness, and inflammation in the skin, and reduce irritations. Plus, if you find an oil that has beta-carotene amongst its list of worthy ingredients, it can help your skin become less sensitive to the sun’s rays. Use it with your usual sunscreen, but do not take high doses, or apply a lot of it without consulting your doctor first.

Heals wounds and scarring

Some oils can even improve your body’s healing process. Rosehip oil, for example, is packed full of omega-3, omega-6, retinoic acid and beta-carotene. Now, that sounds like a complicated list, but what it means is a lot more simple. Rosehip can help your body recover from skin problems like sunburn, eczema, and scarring.

Oily skin

Natural oils don’t just help people with dry skin, though. Anyone with greasy skin can benefit from using geranium oil. Chemical-free deodorants make use of geranium oil since it helps give your skin a better natural balance. Greasy skin is all about overproduction of oils, and there is evidence that the geranium can help keep things under control.

Anti-aging properties

As you get older, your skin starts to become less elasticated, and it also thins. It’s from this process that you get lines and wrinkles, along with your basic genetics, and things like sun exposure. However, some natural oils can help you get back some of that elasticity, and hide all those wrinkles. Again, it’s any oil that has a high Vitamin E content that will work best, such as sunflower oil.DING, DING, DING. Did you see that in there? Helps aging skin!

OK, so there you have it – 8 awesome reasons to embrace natural oils into your beauty regime. As I mentioned above, you find many of these oils in expensive moisturizers. But, adding a few drops to your normal, standard product can give you just the same effect. Let me know if you use any natural oils on a daily basis – and be sure to tell me how well they work! I’m always looking to get some oils to help get rid of these darn age spots! Well, one age spot, that’s the thorn in my side!

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