Airlines with inflight WiFi

Planning a trip and need to know which airlines offer WiFi? Many airports have wireless, that’s been a lovely trend happening all over the world. However, there are now airlines offering WiFi in the skies at no charge. Sweet! I hunted far and wide to find out all of the airlines with inflight WiFi and chose the top 5 to share with all of you!

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Airlines with inflight WiFi

  1. Virgin America – GoGo in air online runs the WiFi on Virgin America. The price points vary. There’s a monthly pass for $39.95 plus tax. There’s also pricing that starts at $2 for 30 minutes. The pricing varies depending on the flight, plus the WiFi device you choose to use. To know what is offered, visit the Gogo Inflight page once your plane reaches 10 thousand feet and the flight attendant has cleared the flight for WiFi usage.
  2. JetBlue – Fly-Fi™ is new to JetBlue. Currently, the aircraft that have the WiFi inflight are the N804JB, N793JB, N715JB, N796JB, N534JB, N789JB, N794JB, and the N784JB. In 2014 they’ll be putting it on the Airbus fleet, and after that the E190s. Simply Surf, the basic web browsing plan is free during the BETA period, which will end in June of 2014. There’s also high-bandwidth applications for purchase. They actually put a Fly-Fi decal on the outside of the aircraft when it’s got Fly-Fi! When you’re on your flight, and want to check it out, just head to the Fly-Fi portal, and if you’re interested in paying $9 for the PLUS plan, it’ll be PER HOUR and can be accessed through the Fly-Fi portal.
  3. Delta – GoGo powers inflight WiFi on Delta. If you’re using a Smartphone, the WiFi Mobile Pass starts at $1.95. Once at 10 thousand feet, purchase what you like and start surfing with your Smartphone. There’s also Gogo® Internet Sessions that can be purchased, which allow FULL ACCESS to the internet. The Delta WiFi Pass provides 24 hours of unlimited WiFi for $14 plus tax. If that’s not good enough, there’s the Delta Traveler Pass which gives NON STOP WiFi all month long and like all the other airlines offering Gogo, it’s going to be $39.95 plus tax. Finally the Delta Annual Travel Pass is $469.95 plus tax for the full year. OF COURSE, the plane has to be equipped with WiFi, so ask before you start buying!
  4. American – GoGo runs the WiFi on American Airlines, and travelers can purchase month long passes that can be used on both American, as well as U.S. Airways. There’s also a DAILY WiFi option for those who don’t travel that much! If a traveler wants an ALL-DAY pass, it costs $14.00 + tax and once you purchase it, it’s good for 12 months. So if you change your flight, it’s okay. You can use it up to a year after purchase. Still only for one day, but you know that! Now, if travel is a regular thing, go for the MONTHLY subscription, which costs $39.95 + tax.
  5. US Airways – See above. American and US Airways have a little romance, and can be used on both American and U.S. Airways. Valid on BOTH airlines, buy it on the American site, or the U.S. Airways site. Doesn’t matter, use it on each airline.

And as an added bonus, since it’s the airline I’ll be using, Southwest. WiFi on Southwest is provided by Row 44. After asking around, I’ve learned it’s much slower than most other airlines. It’s on all of the 700 and 800 aircraft, and it’ll cost $8 for the connection. If you want to watch a movie, or watch their television channels, it’ll cost you more. It’s $5 for television, and $5 PER MOVIE. However, once you purchase the WiFi for your trip for the $8, it’s good for your entire day of travel…..that’s decent, right?

It’s an expensive world we live in, and when your Jonesing to keep in touch with the world while flying…..you’ll probably pay $8 for a little WiFi activity! If it’s a short flight, I’d probably not even think about it…..but cross country, I’m toying with the idea of purchasing it. However, I’ll wait until I’m on the plane, and I can ask someone else how the connection is!

Flying the friendly skies with WiFi.

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