All You Should Know About How to Travel with a Dog

Traveling is a nice experience and most people choose to enjoy outdoor adventures with their friends. But don’t forget about furry friends! Pet ownership has increased over 50% in the last years in the US, and so did the number of people that choose to travel with their dog.

how to travel with a dog

All You Should Know About How to Travel with a Dog

Traveling with your dog can be a nice, pleasant, and enjoyable experience. However, it needs careful planning as there are some things you should consider. Below are the things you should know about how to travel with a dog.

Destination’s Pet Rules

One of the essential things you should look into before your trip is the pet rules your destination has. This is valid especially if you travel internationally, as many countries have health and vaccination regulations for pets. This might be the case also when you choose to travel between states. In order to prove a dog is vaccinated and dewormed, some countries or states ask pet owners for a pet’s medical record.

A key piece to know how to travel with a dog: always keep your pet’s medical record and vet information with you. You can print a few copies, as some officials might keep one, and keep them on your phone too.

Traveling by Plane

One of the most intimidating travel when learning how to travel with a dog is air travel. Traveling by plane can be a really stressful experience for your dog. Pet coaches around the world are recommending to not do this constantly. Dogs are:

  • deprived of a familiar environment
  • they’re exposed to bright light and loud noises

This can be really stressful for some of them.

However, if you decide to travel with your dog by plane, you should look into the airline’s pet travel regulations and policies. Most airlines allow you to keep your pet in the cabin, only if the carrier is small enough to fit under the seat. Otherwise, cargo is the other choice.

Cargo is the solution for pet owners who have large breeds of dogs. Make sure you attach a note with:

  • your name
  • contact details
  • destination
  • dog name
  • you can also attach a bag of food, in case there are any delays


More and more hotels and hostels allow pets, so it might not be a big challenge to find one that accepts your pet. At the same time, you may encounter hotels that self-advertise themselves as being pet friendly when in reality they’re not. This is why it’s important to check with the hotel before booking a room. Some hotels don’t say anything about pet accommodations, but they accept pets.

Another detail you need to consider: some hotels charge you a daily or one-time fee for your dog. Some of them even have a limit of pets per room. These fees can range from 10 dollars to 50 dollars per day; or, from 50 dollars to 300 dollars as a one-time fee. There are also hotel chains that welcome dogs without charging you any fee, and among these are Red Roof Inn, Motel 6, and Kimpton.

Pay Attention to Cultural Differences

Needless to say every country has a different relationship with dogs. While traveling, you will discover and interact with a lot of locals. You may find surprising things about their perspective on dogs. For example, there are countries where the number of stray dogs is much higher than those owned. People might find it strange that your dog sleeps with you in bed.

At the same time, it’s important to pay attention to the borders other cultures have for dogs. Even though they are amazing pets and are often playful and eager to meet new people or buddies, some cultures or people might have a stranger dog connection. While some might be interested in playing with your dog, others might feel frightened and terrified of your dog. So, make sure you pay attention to the clues people are sending you and be respectful towards their culture.

Prepare Your Dog

If this trip is among the first ones, you’ll need to help your dog get used to the carrier and traveling. You can take your dog for regular walks and even car trips to get used to the new environment. The more familiar the environment is, the more relaxed and calm your dog will be.

If you plan to travel by plane, you could help your dog get used to the carrier by encouraging him to smell and even sleep there. You can put your dog’s favorite blanket and treats to help him get used to it. Give your dog time to become familiar with the carrier.

Another thing you could consider is buying anxiety-reducing accessories for your dog. There are calming vests or pheromone collars that keep your dog calm.


Traveling with your dog is a nice experience you should not miss. Never allow not knowing how to travel with a dog be what stops you from planning travel! Your furry friend will complete the traveling experience and will make it an enjoyable and pleasant one. Do not forget to take care of all the things necessary to make your dog’s trip the best.

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