Beach day must haves for the summer

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It’s summer vacation, and it’s time to not just pack up the car for summer adventures, but also time to gather all the beach day must haves. These key things are needed for your beach days in summertime. The question is, what are beach day must-haves, and where can everyone find these must-haves? I’m here to help!

Beach day must haves for summer

Where do you start when figuring out beach day must haves?

First, you have to have a great tote to bring to the beach. It’s best if it has a pop of color, so you can spot it on the beach. There’s nothing worse than being at the beach, looking up from the water, and you can’t remember where you left all your stuff on the beach! If you have a great color to focus on, you’re more likely to spot it faster.

Also, go for a mesh bag. The sand from the beach falls out before it gets into your car. I’m also addicted to lots of pockets. It makes it easier to find smaller things when there are smaller pockets, rather than one huge bag where all the small stuff ends up at the bottom. Saves me from having to take everything out, so I can reach the smaller stuff.

Beach day must-haves for the summer

Sunscreen (for body and face)

Before you even roll your eyes at my suggestion of bringing sunscreen, instead of tanning oil, think beyond skin cancer. Trust me, ladies, you’ll want to follow me on this one. Did you know the sun causes an insane amount of aging? It just destroys your skin, and causes it to age faster than you ever want it to age. Why take a chance? Slather up with sunscreen, it’ll be worth it. Even more important than sunscreen, is the type of sunscreen. Go organic if you can. It’ll provide you with great protection, without hurting your overall health with chemicals.

For your body

For your face

Sunscreen lip balm

Don’t stop the sunscreen on your body, and face. Keep it going onto your lips. Lip balm with sunscreen is easy to find these days, so take some to the beach. Better safe, than sorry!

Small First Aid kit

Keep your first aid kit small when it comes to your beach bag. I recommend getting a small one that fits in your glove compartment, so you can take it out when you hit the beach, and pop it into your beach bag. Definitely look for one with an emergency whistle, too.

First Aid Emergency Kit

Beach Vault

I’m always worried about something getting stolen. It’s just part of my DNA, and it’s the charm of me. When I’m at the beach, I normally man the beach towel, so I know no one’s getting our phones, or keys, or our wallets. It’s not always what I want to do, but I have anxiety if someone else is doing the safe guarding. Trust issues, I guess. It’s a little less of a problem with the Beach Vault.

If you haven’t seen this thing, it’s worth taking a look at. It’s bright red, and once you’ve gotten to the beach, you screw it into the sand. After it’s in the sand, you can put your valuables into it, close it up, and place a special towel over it to hide it, and still have a place to lay down. Put it next to your Monkey Mat, or screw it in and then put the Monkey Mat over it!

Although, it does come with a pillow, too. Might as well use the towel, and pillow, along with your Monkey mat, right? RIGHT!

Monkey Mat

Everyone needs something to sit on at the beach. Instead of using a huge beach towel for a long day at the beach, sometimes you need something a little more beach friendly. I don’t mind adjusting a beach towel during short trips to the beach, but if it’s an all day thing, I’d rather have a weighted blanket. Monkey Mat is weighted, packs up super small, is water repellent and can be machine washed. It’s a great, inexpensive beach must-have for your beach bag this summer.

Sand Remover

Everyone out there has heard you can use baby powder to remove sand. Awesome, but I’ve got something better. It’s a mitt that you use to get not just dry sand, but wet sand, off of your body. Much easier, and faster, than dealing with baby powder. Consider investing in the Water Sports Sand-Off! Mitt. Totally worth the money.


Sounds like a no brainer, right? Bring sunglasses. I’m referring to an extra pair. When you’re at the beach, sporting your shades, and somehow they end up breaking, what do you do? Well, you end up squinting the entire rest of your beach trip. Just bring a back up pair, make life easier for yourself. Less wrinkles when you aren’t squinting in the sun, plus, all that squinting can give a girl a headache!

Flip Flops

You can’t go wrong with a set of flip flops at the beach. Get a cheap pair, throw a couple in the car, and grab a pair for your beach bag. I normally wear mine onto the beach, but some people don’t. They wear sandals, and then the sandals end up getting ruined after walking around the beach all day. Sandals are great, but keep them tucked away in your bag; throw on your cheap flip flops for your full day at the beach.

Large Rimmed Beach Hat

If you’re going to be in the sun all day, and you don’t have an umbrella to shield you from the UV rays, it’s important to have the right hat. I love a big hat, that’s bright, so the kids can spot me from the water while they’re swimming with Mr. Sunflower. He can send them to me for quick things, like trips to the potty; sips of water; and, of course, sunscreen application once in a while. With a big, bright hat, they can spot me easily. Plus, a hat that has UV protection is a must!

No, that’s not me modeling the hat. However, if you want to think it’s me, that’s totally fine. I’ll take the compliment, because that girl is hot. Now, if you have an umbrella that blocks the UV Rays, but you still want to block out the sun when you step out from under the umbrella. Perhaps, even while you’re still under it, go for something a bit smaller. Pick a bright color, so the kids can still spot you easily.


You know what you like, so pack them up! Split them into smaller baggies, and enjoy. Just pack a lot of them. There’s something about the ocean air that makes you hungry. If you’re heading to a lake, lake air can make you hungry, too. Whatever, everything makes me hungry. Pack lots of snacks, and it will deter you from hitting the snack stand that has greasy food that will bloat you! Keep it light, and gas-free at the beach. Trust me on this one.

Lightweight Insulated cooler

No need to drag the plastic coolers onto the beach. There are plenty of coolers out there that are light weight, and keep things cool, without having to lug a huge cooler onto the beach. Arctic Zone freezer totes are perfect for a beach trip.

Metal Water Bottle

Stay away from plastic bottles. Load up on metal water bottles, they won’t break like glass ones, and are still safe for the environment. Plus, they are safe to drink out of. I tend to lean toward ones with a wide mouth, and you know, keeps my water cold.

Outdoor beach umbrella

If you have the right umbrella, with UV protection, your days at the beach will be a lot more enjoyable. Less whining from the kids when they have a place to get out of the brutal sun rays, and less whining from me if I’m with you on your trip to the beach. I hate being in direct sun all day, especially on the beach. I rarely head to the water to swim, and the umbrella is a must for me to keep cool, and protected.

Choose a bright color, like my daughter’s favorite color, orange!

Cover Up

I’m big on having a cover up all the time. I’m not in love with wearing bathing suits, or anything that puts my boobs out there on display. It’s just not for me. Cover ups make it easier to hide the girls, and of course, keep my skin protected from the vicious UV rays. Since I love blue, and pockets, I head right to covers ups that are blue, and have pockets. Go figure!


If you’re going to be at the beach all day, things get boring. You can swim, and play on the sand. However, if you’re like me, you like to plant your butt down on a chair under the umbrella. While under there, napping is good, listening to music is a must, but I also like to have things to do. Reading a book, or some magazines, is optimal. However, having my tablet is helpful, too. I like to cover all my bases!

Waterproof Speakers

When the kids come back to your beach spot, let the music play! Just make sure your portable speakers can handle a little water thrown at it. Yes, I know the one I’ve chosen is technically a “shower” speaker, it works just the same at the beach. It’s a speaker, it can handle some water on it, and it plays the music you want to listen to. BOOM. Mic drop.


Once the kids are gone again, put your earbuds back in, baby! I’m sure every last one of you have earbuds, I’m not going to insult you by offering up a suggestion on which ones to pack up in your beach bag. Just remember to pack whichever ones you love, but don’t mind if they get destroyed at the beach. I’ve got a set for when I travel, or go to the beach. Then I have my regular ones I use on the daily. Pretty smart, right?

Beach Towels

Who goes to the beach without beach towels? This one is a no brainer, right?

Extra clothing

You know you’ll need them. Even if you don’t use them, it’s nice knowing you have extra clothes. Extra clothing includes underwear. Yes, I said it. Just bring an entire outfit, with underthings.


Beach ball, frisbee, shovels, pails, deck of cards…. whatever works, and keeps the group busy. Just load up a bunch of stuff, so you’re not stuck hearing the kids asking for something to do while your Mr. Sunflower takes a break from ocean play!

Did I miss anything? What do you bring to the beach during your beach days? Please, share in the comments below!

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