Organic mineral sunscreen

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions about Block Island Organics, and their organic mineral sunscreen products are 100% my own. Well, my kids had a few opinions as well, but you know what I mean!

In our house, we strive to keep as many chemicals out of our lives as possible. Yes, there’s still ones that creep in when we eat, because my husband insists on bringing home cereals that have artificial crap in them. We just try to balance it out with the good things. It’s a balancing act. I’m sure in everyone’s homes it’s always a give, and take, with severing ties with our old school thought processes, and embracing the new school thought processes. One of our first changes for the kids was finding an organic mineral sunscreen. It hasn’t been easy, and we’ve had a few skin sensitivities to contend with over the trial and error process. However, we might just have stumbled onto a good organic sunscreen product here, my friends.

organic mineral sunscreen #organicsunscreenOrganic mineral sunscreen

Regular sunscreens on store shelves tend to have a few “unsavory” ingredients hiding in their bottles. If the kids are putting chemicals on them that cause harm to their bodies, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of using the sunscreen to save them from harmful UVA & UVB rays? It’s the conundrum of all parents, isn’t it? The chemical sunscreens go on the skin, and absorb the UV rays. However, while it’s on your skin it’s penetrating into your body as the skin absorbs the chemicals. Kind of scary.

We’re more of a mineral sunscreen kind of clan. We’re all about putting a barrier between the sun’s rays, and our skin. You know, deflecting the rays but not having anything seep into your bodies. It’s just how we roll, you know? As a family, we’re shooting for products that are Paraben free, Phthalate free, and nano-particle free. If the kids and I are using the product on our faces, I’d also love to have products that are non-comedogenic. There’s nothing worse than getting a nasty break out thanks to sunscreen. It’s just so wrong, when you’re trying to save your skin from skin cancer, and wrinkles…..

block island ORGANICS is all about keeping the skin safe, as well as your health. There’s none of those harmful things I mentioned above, in it. Plus it’s free from artificial fragrance. There’s no testing on animals, and the products are Made in the U.S.A. We know I’m down with that kind of fabulousness. Supporting products Made in the U.S.A. is important to me, and for most of us in the United States!

organic mineral sunscreen #blockislandorganics #summersafety #spf40 #sponsoredIf you’ve been with November Sunflower for a while, you know my cousin has battled AND won against Skin Cancer. Our entire family is a sunscreen wearing family, and this was way before my cousin’s skin cancer scares (yes, he’s had more than one battle with the disease.)

Honestly, I’m a girl who doesn’t take the aging process well. The sun is the biggest culprit for aging your looks, because it does crazy damage to skin even on a cloudy, rainy day. We’re talking wrinkles, and age spots, and fine lines. The most well-kept secret for looking good? Start slathering on sunscreen every day, because sun damage causes your skin to age dramatically. Push off the aging a bit by finding good quality sunscreen for not just your body, but your FACE!

The dedication to using sunscreen every day is what led me to block island ORGANICS. Sunscreen should only help you, not have chemicals in it hurting you while it’s claiming to protect you from harmful rays.

It’s two thumbs up from me, and the kids. They love the natural scent!!!

organic mineral sunscreen #organicsunscreen #sponsored

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