Best Eyeglass Frame Shapes for Your Face Shape

Just like the clothes you wear, your eyeglass frames also do much to reflect your personality. They help you look as stylish as possible. When you’re in the process of selecting frames, you may be giving little thought to which eyeglass frame shapes are best for your face shape.

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Best Eyeglass Frame Shapes for Your Face Shape

To make sure you leave the eye doctor looking fantastic, here are some things to consider when selecting your next pair of frames.

Opposites Attract

When looking at various frames you like, remember that opposites attract! Look for frames that are in direct contrast to the natural features of your face. For example, if you have a round face, select frames that have numerous angles.

Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re pretty lucky. Almost any type of eyeglass frame looks fantastic on this face shape. Therefore, you can run wild and select whatever type of frame feels good and reflects your personality. Whether you opt for the latest fashion trend or decide to go with frames that are considered classics, you’ll look great.

Round and Curved Frames

These types of frames, which have always been popular with people who wear glasses, are great when placed on oblong faces. They take away from the length of the face while emphasizing its width. It’s best to choose round or curved frames where the upper and lower rims are equal regarding their shape. Also, make sure the frames have a low bridge since this shortens the look of your nose.

Half-Rimmed and Cat-Eye Glasses

These frames, which draw attention to the top half of the frame, are always recommended for those who have a triangular face shape. When selecting such frames, remember to choose ones that are slightly wider than your jaw. In doing so, this helps balance out the jawline, which is always one of the most common characteristics of triangular faces.

Don’t Add Bulk to Your Face

Last but not least, don’t add unnecessary bulk to your face. Is your face round? Choose square or rectangular frames that:

  • have hard angles
  • made of wire
  • match the color of your skin tone

Now that you know what to look for when selecting your next pair of eyeglass frames, there’s no doubt you’ll come away with a pair of glasses that’ll have you setting the latest fashion trend.

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