Best summer cocktails starring the pineapple

It’s summer vacation! If you’re like me, you’ve got your kids with you all day. A fact which led me to go in search of the best summer cocktails to enjoy after the kids are in bed. Or, before they go to bed. Basically, once you don’t have to drive anyone anywhere, it’s time for your wind down! However, I didn’t just want the best summer cocktails, I wanted to find the best summer cocktails starring the pineapple. I looooove me some pineapple goodness.

Best summer cocktails starring the pineapple

Best summer cocktails starring the pineapple

It’s not easy, this summer vacation thing. I say the same thing all the time, I’m not a kid lover. Odd statement from a woman with two kids, but I don’t like kids, in general. There are few, and far between, I like, and even those kids I’m not a big fan of having to hang with for extended periods of time. The thought of being around a bunch of kids all day, every day, makes me shutter.

I’d never be a teacher, and I knew that I’d never be a teacher. Having my kids home all day with me, is usually a pleasure. Both of my little sunflowers know mommy works, and when she’s working, at her desk, just leave her be. Go about your business, and find something to do. The less mommy is hassled while she works, the faster she gets done, and that means something fun will happen after she’s done. Smart kids. Happy mom. All is right in the world.

In a perfect world, this would be the case each day. I don’t live in a perfect world. Shit happens, and somehow, there are multiple days we have to be around other kids. Large groups of them. Activities over the summer require me to venture out into areas where obnoxious, disrespectful kids are everywhere. On days where these kinds of interactions are necessary, for the good of my little sunflowers, I have to have a little down time.

And by down time, I mean a cocktail, or two, perhaps three depending on the interactions of the day. Scotch is always nice to calm my nerves, but I like to change it up once in a while, and have some delicious cocktails. Fruity, tropical ones, are my favorites. The ultimate favorites, though, are ones that star my favorite fruit of all time: the pineapple!

The Pineapple in summer cocktails

I figured if I love cocktails the put the pineapple as the main star, or pineapple juice as the main star, others would love to see the summer cocktails I’ll be sucking down for the season. Perhaps, you’ll make some for yourself! Even better, share pictures of yourselves drinking them! You can share pictures on Twitter, and just tag me, @novsunflower, so I can see! Maybe, share images of your cocktail loving on Instagram, you can tag me there, too. I’m @novsunflower on both platforms. Let’s all drink summer cocktails together, and honor the beautiful pineapple. I mean, it’s a fruit with a crown, how can you not love the pineapple?

Since I love you all so much, I’m sharing my Pinterest Board filled with Pineapple Summer Cocktails. Please, visit my Pineapple Cocktails Pinterest Board, and start your pineapple summer cocktail adventure.

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