Beyond the Margarita: Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Recipes

Nothing against the awesome Margaritas out there, but sometimes you just need to go beyond the margarita and explore new Cinco de Mayo cocktail recipes! Branch out for the big day, and since it falls on a Friday this year, it’ll probably extend throughout the weekend, right? Spice it up, and really go all out this year.

Beyond the Margarita: Cinco de Mayo Cocktail recipes

Beyond the Margarita: Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Recipes

I hunted through the internet, and located five cocktails that work for any celebration, but are PERFECT for Cinco de Mayo! You will not find the Margarita on this list, at all. We’re thinking outside the box this year, and going big with these five beauties! Enjoy.

Key Lime Pisco Sour

Over on Food & Wine, find the recipe for the Key Lime Pisco Sour. It’s made with FRESH key lime juice, and be prepared, there’s an egg white in it. If you’re not into eggs, skip this one. However, it’s worth a try. I love me a sour drink! Even the ones without whiskey in them.


Food Network’s Ingrid Hoffmann from Simply Delicioso has a fantastic Horchata recipe that will take a bit of time to put together, but it is well worth it. If you’re trying to avoid white rice, this one’s not for you. Everyone else, head over and check out the Horchata recipe!

Rio-Style Ginger Beer Float

It’s sort of like a root beer float, but better! It has mango sorbet in it! Food & Wine’s Rio-Style Ginger Beer Floats will make any celebration a fizzy fun fest, right? Why not make them for Cinco de Mayo to wow your friends!


A tequila cocktail is a must for Cinco de Mayo, am I right? If you’re on any kind of cholesterol meds, this one won’t work for you, because it has REAL grapefruit juice in it. If you don’t have to worry about eating grapefruit, drink away! Check out the Paloma Cocktail Recipe over on Food & Wine!


You’ve got to have a beer offering at each gathering, beyond the traditional bottle of beer tossed to your guests! However, no one wants anything too complicated, right? Right. Keep it simple with a Chelada, which calls for Corona and limeade! Check out the simple Chelada recipe on MyRecipes.com!

Have a fantastic Cinco de Mayo everyone. I know I will be enjoying it all weekend long this year. Cheers.

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