Boring Girl Beauty Tips: Healthier Hair for the new year

Being a boring girl in the beauty arena doesn’t mean I’m not into great hair. It’s got to be a great color, a great shine, and looking super healthy. Boring girl beauty is going to have healthier hair in 2015! I’ve chosen a great natural hair color option, and I’m sticking with it!

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Boring Girl Beauty Tips: Healthier Hair in 2015

Gray hair, for me, is one of the worst parts about my entire being. I’m not someone who “does her hair.” No styling products are being used in my hair, just high quality organic Argan Oil. I’m not sure if Argan Oil is considered a styling product, but it does help control my frizzies in the humidity, so I’m saying it’s styling product. BAM.

One thing I’m not going to allow is gray hair. I’ve battled with it since I was a teenager. It wasn’t a lot from my teens to my earliest of 30s. In my teens I had them hidden by getting highlights, then as I got older, just getting a full on color from a box worked well for 8 weeks at a time. Well, it stopped working for 8 weeks at a time, then it stopped working for 6 weeks at a time, and then it was difficult to get 4 weeks out of a box of color. The chemicals started to get to me, I think. I just didn’t want to put myself through all that ammonia every four weeks.

Natural Hair Color options

A better product was out there, with no ammonia, or Resorcinol. A product that was PPD-Free, and had no Parabens added. A handcrafted hair color. It didn’t take long for me to find, and call, Madison Reed‘s Color Crew at 1.888.550.9586 to get custom recommendations for not just the color I should use, but also great tips to make sure the stubborn grays took on the color for a longer period of time. The Color Crew even chatted live with me on the website when I had some extra questions to ask. I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s pretty exciting when my Madison Reed – easy-to-apply hair color is delivered to my door on my schedule. I get to slather on my Perugia Black, or sometimes Positano Black, or even Palermo Black, and not worry about running to the store to fetch a box of color that won’t last three weeks!

It all started back in 2014, and the longer I use the color, the health and texture of my hair improves. It kind of helps me feel younger having all this healthy, bouncy, shiny hair. You have to think younger to feel younger, my friends. When my hair starts to look a little less than spectacular, I can revive it with a little Color Reviving Gloss. It’s semi-permanent color that gets left in for 35 minutes and just sort of gives hair that extra OOMPH it needs between colorings, or hey, if you want to just give your natural color a little kick, it’ll help with that, too. It washes out in 8 shampoos, so it’s not permanent. It’s just a color gloss.

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It’s also very simple to use, I promise! Remember, I’m a boring girl doing Boring Girl Beauty!

Now, the color reviving gloss won’t be an answer to covering grays. It helps tone them down, for sure. However, if I’m finding that I’m caught between colorings, and the grays are being extra stubborn before I can get the color into my hair, I whip out my Root Touch Up. Yes, it’s for “lucky people” who need just a little help with their roots between colorings, and not really worrying about grays. HOWEVER, it helps cover grays. I get them right around my forehead, and of course, in my roots. If you’ve talked to a Color Crew member, and have gotten the perfect color Root Touch Up, you’ll find it works wonders!

It’s also very easy to use.


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