Boring Girl Beauty tips: The Body

Disclosure: NovemberSunflower.com is a small business. In order to survive, there's a need to make money. I love a lot of things, I share those things, and if I can make a little commission here, and there, I'm 100 percent going for it. Why should the brands I love be the only ones making money, right? Please, use my affiliate links within this post when placing your orders with the brand, or joining up with the brand. Your support is beyond appreciated!It’s time to discuss our bodies. No, not the birds and the bees, and what all those parts do. If you don’t know that stuff already, this might not be the right place for you, yet. Just sayin’. If you do know what all your parts do, let’s make sure all those parts are soft, silky and well maintained boring girl beauty style! I have a very laid back approach to keeping my skin feeling, and looking great. I’m sharing my boring girl beauty tips for taking a more natural approach to The Body today. Let’s dig in!

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Boring Girl Beauty tips: The Body

Washing with the right product.

Since I use scented scrubs, and oils, and lotions, when it comes to the actual washing of my body – I go unscented. I also go with a product that’s gluten free, fair trade, dye and color-additive free, cruelty free and of course, from a family-owned company! Plus, it’s free of parabens, is non-toxic and petroleum free. Oh, let’s not forget it’s Made in the U.S.A. Would you love to know what it is? It’s Nurture My Body Fragrance Free Body Wash.

Showcase the new skin.

I’m here to tell you, exfoliating isn’t just to be done on your face, ladies and gents. You’ve got dry skin all over your body, especially your elbows. Am I right? The elbows get me every time. No one has time to exfoliate every day, nor should you exfoliate every day. Once a week, perhaps twice a week, is plenty. Seriously, it’s me, boring girl beauty. You know it’s not happening more than once per week! Again, exfoliating dead skin just sloughs off the gross, nasty stuff to reveal the pretty new skin underneath. Best way to get down to the new skin? Find a high quality body scrub in a scent you love, and will enjoy the aroma while in the shower. Personally, I love things with citrus. A favorite of mine is from a family-owned, and woman-owned company over at Abe’s Market. It’s the DollyMoo Coconut Citrus Body Scrub, which is made with all ingredients I can pronounce! It comes in other scents, which are all great, I’m sure. There’s a tangerine oat one I’m going to try next!

Slick up.

It’s important to get oiled up after washing up. You have to lock in that moisture! Especially when the pores are all open, just waiting to drink up the rich oil. Again, I’m a fan of DollyMoo. Family-owned, woman-owned and made with ingredients I can understand. There’s no surprises when I’m reading the ingredient list, which means a lot to me. I want to nourish the largest organ of my body with the best of the best. Plus, I love the citrus scent of the Coconut Citrus Body Oil.

All over moisture.

If you’re not into oiling up, then use a moisturizer right after showering, or taking a bath. It’s okay, I switch it up depending on the time I have. Oiling up means having to kind of waiting a little bit before I get dressed. When I’ve got to get dressed A.S.A.P., and I can’t hang around in my bathrobe while I work in my home office, then it’s lotion all the way! Karen’s Botanicals has a a beautiful lotion, and you’ll laugh when I share it with you, because honestly, how could I not love it? Sure, it’s BPA Free, fair trade, dye and color-additive free and cruelty-free. But wait for it….it’s Summer Sunflower Lotion. <Drops my mic and walks off stage.>

I’m just a simple girl, trying to keep my beauty regime as simple as possible. Boring Girl Beauty isn’t about glam, and spending lots of money on products with lots of chemicals. If I can avoid chemicals, I will do it. However, the stuff has to work for this boring girl! My body has to feel good, look good, and take minimal time to maintain. Trust me when I tell you these boring girl beauty tips don’t take a lot of time, but if you use the oil, make sure you’ve got a little wiggle room before you get dressed. It’s got to absorb, so make that your Sunday lazy day routine. Sip your coffee, while your oils soak into your skin. It’s totally worth it.

Don’t love all of the same scents I do? No problem, head to Abe’s Market, find the products in the scents you’ll love! Remember, there’s free shipping on all purchases over $49! Please use the ORANGE links throughout this article when you decide to shop. November Sunflower, a.k.a. Boring Girl Beauty, appreciates your support!

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